price of natural gas?

im looking into buying a house for the frist time and it has electric basebords and natural gas my ? is can I remove the basebords or just not use them since the price is high and just use the nautral gas and can anybody give me a estimate how it woud be to heat a 1880 sq ft house with natural gas in the city thanks

2 Responses to “price of natural gas?”

  1. Pro Says:

    It depends on the age on the system and the house,as well as how warm you like it. I would say 400 in winter roughly you can call the gas company and ask them for averages in your area,ask your realtor for assistance.

  2. Brian E Says:

    Why is there two forms of heat? was the house electric first and then upgraded to gas ( if this is the case you should be fine heating just with gas) or was it gas first and the furnace was not producing enough heat so some inexpensive electric baseboards were added to supplement heat.
    Most utility companies will disclose the last years utility usage for a given address if you call and inquire and state your reason (interested in purchasing)