Property rods land markers?

Property rods land markers
I would like to ask this question.
When you buy a piece of land and
You go thought a title company and they hire a survey crew to survey your land
And then you get your land description showing where all you steel rod markers are
And even get the micro film from the surveyor showing the same thing. Then 4 years later some person buys the land next to you and a different survey company comes out and they say the steel rods are not right and your back fence belongs to the land owner behind you and the last to survey it dose state that it looks like someone did move the rods what do you. Why buy title INS if they tell you there is nothing they can do to help matters. are there any links out there to this

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  1. Brian Says:

    Boundary disputes are fairly common in this business. You could hire a surveyor to survey your property again, and compare findings, but your best bet would probably be to contact a lawyer (one who specializes in real estate law). You could be right, your neighbor could be, or neither of you could be.

    I am also assuming the the fence was there when the first survey was done.

  2. ½«gumwrapper Says:

    If in fact a title insurance policy is in effect, your title insurer should be involved in this land dispute because they are responsible to pay all of your expenses it takes you to resolve the problem. This includes lawyer and other legal and diminished value should you lose the land in dispute. Get a lawyer! In the mean time get some sort of injunction to prevent the neighbour from doing anything to the property area in dispute. (eg: removing the fence, removing the land markers) And take pictures of the property in it’s present condition. Unless the neighbour gives in, this could get very nasty and end up in court. Be prepared.

  3. Balthor Says:

    You could call the police and tell them about your situation.