Real estate attorneys; a right of way question please?

My wife recently purchased a property from a neighbor here in the Tayud area.
It has a decent right of way and there are over a dozen different homes on the right of way (none of the people are related to the right of way owner).
The man who claims to have bought all of the property which only covers the right of way also owns a rental house there (he does not live there) at or about the middle ways of the right of way.
He admits buying the right of way to restrict the homes being built in the area so his homes will be of higher value and he is also pressuring all of the land owners to sell to him at reficulously low prices so he can develop the land for his own rental units.
He is restricting anyone from using the right of way for the del

4 Responses to “Real estate attorneys; a right of way question please?”

  1. Irv S Says:

    Where is ‘Tayud" ?
    You need a LOCAL Real Estate attorney.
    Laws on Rights of Way differ, and in some most, access MUST be granted to enclosed properties.
    In your case since the houses are already built, there are issues
    of ‘established habitual & customary use’, which can protect your
    access insome jurisdictions.

  2. Othniel Says:

    You need to consult a local real estate attorney. This forum is not a good place to get specific, legal advice which is what you need in your situation.

  3. rtfm Says:

    OK, seriously — you are NOT going to find a real estate attorney hanging around Yahoo Answers — and even if you do, he’s not going to give pro bono advice about a problem like this.

    You need to go find yourself a real lawyer.

  4. payroll_wife Says:

    I’m a Senior Right of Way agent and sadly your question does not make sense. Perhaps you mean "covenant" instead of R/W?