Regarding the recently Glorietta2 explosion on Makati Philippines- Will the owner holds accountable?

The owner of Glorietta2 is the multi-millionaire Ayala land corp., since the investigation of the explosion on Glorietta, the PNP is now clear to state that industrial explosion is the culprit of the said tragedy.

Now the question- can Ayala be sued by the families who lost their love ones in the said establishment? Let us try the word "negligence", and on legal terms-

Negligence is a legal concept usually used to achieve compensation for accidents and injuries. Negligence is a type of tort or delict and a civil wrong, but can also be used in criminal law. Negligence means conduct that is culpable because it misses the legal standard required of a reasonable person in protecting individuals against foreseeably risky, harmful acts of other members of society. Negligent behavior towards others gives them rights to be compensated for the harm to their body, property, mental well-being, financial status, or relationships.

And knowing the Ayala’s battery of outstanding lawyers.

One Response to “Regarding the recently Glorietta2 explosion on Makati Philippines- Will the owner holds accountable?”

  1. shibereta Says:

    I am not in the Philippines now, but about your question is that really a "normal" explosion you know not that "terrorist attack ever", In my opinion if it is proven that this restaurant has been negligent for what reason they are should be accountable and Ayala too, If it is "NOT" I think Ayala should be benevolent enough to give a hand to the victims. Either way no one likes this tragedy to happen. It is really terrible but things happen.