Regardless of whether drilling for more oil here reduces prices or not some 70-75% of Americans are for it?

If fuel stays high come November do you believe this will cost some senators to loose their seat. Anyway you look at it people are tired of paying a gallon for gas and this might be the biggest issue to most people as it directly affects their pocket book. Will they blame the members of Congress who did at least try and correct it?
Members of Congress who Did Not at least try, my bad.

13 Responses to “Regardless of whether drilling for more oil here reduces prices or not some 70-75% of Americans are for it?”

  1. Proskyneo Says:

    This is how misguided and corrupt the Republican party is. This is essentially their one ‘issue’ this year, so far.

    They don’t control Congress, so they can’t pretend to make a law against gay marriage or flag burning… they’ve done every election year for the last twenty (but have never actually managed to pass anything, nor would they want to).

    So now you have this fantasy of drilling for oil, polluting our waters for big oil’s gain…..and 1% of our current oil needs in 10 to 15 years.

    Any rational person can look at the facts and see this is insignificant and won’t solve a SINGLE root problem, and for that reason, it can be said that no informed person who votes for the current Republican party is the least bit rational.

    These are the same people who fight any law that would help us END the oil addiction….easily producing cuts in oil usage 200 or 300 TIMES the oil we’d get by drilling on our coast, and do it within MONTHS (not a decade).

  2. βŗįąη Says:

    They will blame all sitting members in Congress and this will be an issue this election cycle..

  3. power_d_69_1 Says:

    I hope everyone in congress is voted out. I blame them all.

  4. maggieme Says:

    and it will probably be left up to the minorities whether we drill here or not.
    I am so sick and tired of minorities dictating to the majority.

  5. Captain F Says:

    Americans will beg the oil companies to steal the USA’s offshore oil and sell it back to the consumers at high prices. Nobody cares if the coastlands are destroyed.

  6. Hittman 3 Says:

    Well, we should have never invented cars. World would have been so much better off. Funny, they could make Marijuanna illegal, but not cars? that KILL people, and have destroyed the eatrth. GREAT!

  7. tribeca_belle Says:

    Americans are upset and frustrated and they are looking for easy answers. It will take a bit of explaining to get the facts out there so that they realize that drilling is not a viable solution to their problems. Otherwise, I think Congress will have to propose a compromise and let individual states decide on giving more of their coastlines to the oil companies.

  8. Moose Says:

    No official should lose their seat opposing more drilling.

    Drilling is fool’s gold – advanced by a do nothing/know nothing administration trying to deflect attention from their total failure to do anything about energy.

    We need conservation and alternative sources now; not hot air from a failed administration.

  9. STS1SS Says:

    If I read the question right, you are assking whether the cost of gasoline will affect how people vote?


    Some people will blame republicans, and some will blame democrats. Some people will blame congress, and some will blame "big oil."

    Very, very few people in this country have any idea this problem is not a "problem", it is simply a fact of life. We are only a fraction of a global economy.

    If there are viable alternatives to fossil fuels, we will see them.

    Many people think it is all a big US conspiracy. Make me laugh.

  10. Gary F Says:

    Republicans will take the blame for the economy in Congress as well as the White House.

  11. cancun1313 Says:

    There is so many problems right now caused by our inept government, I think it is time for a house cleaning of sorts. To much government, to little getting done, nothing but partisan dribble. I’m for one sick of it.

  12. bubble butt Says:

    99% of the Senators & congressmen should be voted out no matter what. The Pres keeps getting blamed for all our ills, but some of these idiots have been in office for decades. If the blame belongs anywhere, its on congress.

    With a problem as big as oil, any intelligent person would do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to increase supplies. That includes drilling.

  13. Beverly S Says:

    I certainly hope they will blame the congress who decides that the environment is more important than us being able to get to our jobs so that we can feed our families. ANY Member of the Congress who feels that way should be voted OUT!!
    Any Presidential candidate that feels that way- is REALLY SCARY!