Relocated to Michigan. Which is cheaper. Natural Gas or Firewood.?

I live in a two story house and the firewood would be delivered to me at market price. My labor is free and not part of the equation….soooo which is cheaper ? Roughly how much wood can I expect to burn per month ? Thanks in advance.

4 Responses to “Relocated to Michigan. Which is cheaper. Natural Gas or Firewood.?”

  1. Boston Fan Says:

    I also live in Michigan. I have a friend who has a wood burning stove and it runs all year long. It is cheaper for him but he cuts the wood himself on his own property. I would say that your house is probably going to be cheaper run on natural gas unless you can get some free wood. I would use it mostly in Jan / Feb when it is coldest here.

  2. Robert B Says:

    If you are having the wood delivered you are not going to save much if anything. The next thing is do you have a wood stove or and external wood burning boiler. Fireplaces are a real pain the keister with the ash and keeping the flue clean etc. They are also terribly inefficient. Particularly if they are taking the combustion air from inside the home. The next thing is the bugs that in the wood that you are bringing into your home on an hourly basis. And storing in your garage to do whatever in it.
    I am of the belief that wood if you harvest it yourself, and have a good wood burning stove or external boiler with and outside air source that it is cheaper and worth maybe going after is you do not have to work and are fit and able bodied (both you and your wife). If you start to see holes in this you should go with a 90% efficient gas furnace and set it at about 68 degrees.
    Next thing is you must constantly tend the fire during the night and when you are gone from the house. Sometimes tough to do. So you should have the furnace anyway as back up.

  3. mr.obvious Says:

    It really depends on how much insulation you have. if you are well insulated, then I would go with wood, but gas will help you out in january when the weather is rough and the deliveries are late. you need to keep the wood high and dry. put heavy plastic under and over the wood. the ground will soak the wood from the bottom and the rain, fog and snow will soak it from the outside. If you don’t mind some rooms being dark, put a sheet of styrofoam over the windows, you will be amazed at how much heat will be saved. or just do the top half. 1" thick is good. get a shop vac for the loose wood chips, and make sure you keep a couple of good size fire extinguishers on hand and teach everyone in the house what to do if the fire gets to hot, like choking the air intake and closing the damper some but not all the way, you can’t expect everyone to know what you know. and check your insurance, they might screw you if something happens.

  4. lebois777 Says:

    You know we’ve always burned wood because we love the way it warms even though we have central air that we almost never use. What’s a bummer is that a cord of seasoned oak is $400 deivered and we still have to move and stack. I think gas is cheaper but we still love the wood since we think it is a better way to heat. You have to have a good closed stove or heater to even compare, a fireplace is not a heater it’s just a wood burner.
    Our stove is so efficient tat we can get by with a cord per winter but we live in northern california and not michigan. another factor is the space your heating you should be able to get the info. you need from a woodburning stove site.