Removal of petroleum jelly spot on shirt ?

I got a tattoo on my tummy and was using petroleum jelly to help heal and keep it from peeling and i got a huge spot on one of my favorite shirts. I tried to wash it and it didn’t come out. Still looks like a wet / grease spot. Any tips ? thx a bunch

5 Responses to “Removal of petroleum jelly spot on shirt ?”

  1. (:♥TayLee♥:) Says:

    Apply some Dawn dish liquid directly to the stain…

  2. Alyson B Says:

    try 409. OR AVON bubble bath. That stuff cleans anything.

  3. justwondering Says:

    Dish detergent or degreaser – anything that is meant to cut grease.

  4. Babe Says:

    Dawn dish soap on the spot.Let stand then wash it should all come out.

  5. jeremy l Says:

    coke works well for that