Remove Tax Liens from previous Owner from 1989?

I live in NJ and bought 3 lots a few years ago. Two of the lots I got via quitclaim deed and the other I purchased out right. I am now trying to sell the lots and it turns out I have tax liens on all three of these lots that date back to before I owned the land. I have paid all my taxes since, however, the new buyer says he can’t move forward with a contract until those liens are cleared up. What should I do? I paid for the lots, am I now responsible for those outstanding liens? Their are about 5 outstanding liens some dating back to 1989 has interest been adding up during that time?

3 Responses to “Remove Tax Liens from previous Owner from 1989?”

  1. glenn Says:

    If you did not get a title policy when you bought these lots then you may not have any choice but to pay the tax lien or let the deal fall thru.

    If you had a title search done but not a title policy issued then you will have to pursue the title company in court for any mistake they may have made. If you did not have a search done or a title policy, but you did have the proper paper work done you will be able to sue the previous owner of the lots to try and force them to pay off the lien themselves.

    In the future, always get a title policy.

  2. Turbo Baby Says:

    Was a title search done at the time you acquired these properties? If so, it is the Title Companies responsibility to insure a clean title report before the close of escrow. If this is the case, contact the Title Company.

  3. goz1111 Says:

    Most likely you are on the hook for the liens, first when you took the quitclaim deed you assumed all the liabilities of the past owner, so those liens are good

    in regard to the one that was purchased if you have title insurance then you may have a cause of action against the title insurance, if you did not then you bought the title with all the liens attached