Rent to own?

This trailer and small land is for sale by owner for ,000. the place has been vacante for over 2 years. I need a place bad have no money really She is curently doing a rent to own it was ,000 they put down ,700 and are paying 0. [they are just buying the trailer on the land but will still have to pay the owner of the land rent each month]She had issues with them and doesn’t want to do a rent to own again. or wants 1/2 down I want to go to her Woman to woman and say rent it to me for a month or 2 at 0 and then in 2 months i give her 00 dwn pymnt to buy with payments of 0 and then pay a extra 0 every 5 to 6 months and another 00 in one year [income tax return time] So that I can have the place paid off in 25 months. not including the first 2 months of rent into the payment on the place. Which will total the ,000 does this sound right? The ,000 is for the trailer that is there and the land. It needs a bit of work. But I can do it. Who pays prop taxes?

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  1. Serge M Says:

    You are talking about a real estate transaction, and while you can make any kind of offer you like, it is valid only when it is in writing. To make sure your offer is reasonable and safe, and protects you properly, you should have it drawn up by an attorney. An attorney can put your terms into a legal form. the terms can stipulate who pays the property taxes during the period.

    You may be safer making an offer of an outright sale with the owner carrying the note, rather than a rent to own arrangement in which the landlord keeps ownership and if something goes wrong winds up owning the property at the end of the contract. The owner may be happy to finance the sale for such a short period. In fact, you may want to stretch it out to three years to make it easy on yourself.

    Don’t rely on advice you get here. You need sound legal advice, and your legal advisor can also explain how best to negotiate an acceptance of your offer.

  2. wogaridginie77 Says:

    short and not do rent to own….I dont think they are safe