Renter’s Rights. Land Lord’s WIFE ordered property to be removed and thrown out from our rented area.?

This is taking place in Chicago, IL USA.

Long story short, the land lord’s wife is nothing short of insane. She waited for her husband, the owner of the company, to go out of town for a week and then started making demands which violated the oral contract which we had entered in to in regards to payment of what we owed them for both the rental of the plot of land and the repair work that they had done on our trucks.

We paid them off in full on Thursday, March 19, 2009 and then on Friday, she went out to where we park our trucks and have a storage shed and stole a spare bumper, lumber, bricks, and assorted storage containers and even some personal possessions that we had been allowing an x employee to keep there while he moved.

The bumper is worth 0.00 and the rest of the stuff is replaceable and not of much value but it is the principle of the thing.

Isn’t it illegal for them to go on to property rented out to another business and just start throwing stuff out without the permission of the owners of the stuff they are removing?

We did have some sheets of card board that had gotten wet back there and it could have LOOKED like the card board was trash but we were using that to lay on when doing repair work under the trucks…

She went back there and, literally, removed EVERYTHING that was not chained down.

She then had her representative pass along the information that ‘Steel has been going missing from the yard” and implied that we had been stealing sheets of industrial steel.

1. With the price of scrap steel at under .00 a ton, it wouldn’t even be WORTH IT to steel anything from them.
2. My business partner is close, personal friends with the owner of the land and would never do something like that.

We are looking for a new place to park our trucks and keep our storage shed but I am thinking that I should present them with a bill for the property that she had her workers remove from our rental property.

Did she violate laws by stealing our property and then insinuating that we had been stealing from them?

2 Responses to “Renter’s Rights. Land Lord’s WIFE ordered property to be removed and thrown out from our rented area.?”

  1. chatsplas Says:

    Who’s the property owner? Corporation, H and W, just H?
    Yes, she violated the law and breached the lease by removing your property from leased land.
    Put them on written notice, that that behavior was unacceptable, that you expect them to reimburse you for the costs, and that it shall not occur again.
    READ your lease first. Requires advance notice by LL before entering rented property. Could have called the cops while it was happening.

    No violation of law to insinuate you had stolen, maybe slander, which is actionable.

  2. Ashley D Says:

    read your lease

    an oral agreement isnt really worth jack shit in this day and age.