Rules for Posted land?

I have heard differing reports on "Posted" land. Some people say that if land is Posted for no hunting then it is posted for everyone, there is no exception for owners or friends of owners. Others have said that "Posted" is just for people you do not know. I am wondering which is right…I have always errored on the side of caution on this subject.
So what I am seeing is that most people would also check with their local municipal codes (by State or County) before proceeding.

That is what I was thinking, this all started from an office conversation on the matter.

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  1. CIH(Ret) Says:

    The owner of the land retains all rights to the use of his land when he posts it. Posting means that others may not tresspass on his land without his permission. The owner may hunt or conduct any other legal activity on his land after he posts it just as he did prior to posting. The only persons exempt from the posting restrictions, other than the land owner, are the people to whom he has given permisssion to use his land. He may place any restrictions on their use that he wishes. For instance, he may allow someone to fish on his land but not to hunt. The person to whom he gives such restricted permission is bound by the agreement and may not use the argument that he had de facto permission to hunt just because he had permision to fish. It is wise, and in some places manditory, that the person to whom permission is given to be on a land owner’s property to have written permission on his person whenever he is on said property. Just because someone knows the owner does not give him permission to tresspass on posted land until he has the permission of the land owner.

    Note to countryg: Game Wardens are certified law enforcement officers with all of the authority of any other law enforcement officer. Depending upon the laws of your state, county, etc. a Game Warden can issue tresspassing citations and make arrests for violations of property laws.

  2. quik66gto Says:

    Posted property is for everyone…unless you have a signed letter of permission from the land owner. At least in our state.

  3. BirdogsID Says:

    If it is POSTED, that means that only people with permission from the landowner can hunt it. I would get a signed letter of permission. In addition, in Texas, if you see purple paint on the fences or trees around the boundary of the land, that also means no hunting.

  4. hav2fsh42 Says:

    both are right

  5. monty Says:

    I live in the UK and there is no open land that you don`t need permission on It all needs writen permmision or you don`t go, luck and being good at what I do as allowed me plenty of permited shootingfor free in England . I envy you chaps and chapesses in US good hunting.

  6. William B Says:

    if you hunt Posted land in TN with out permission, you had better be prepared to give up all your guns, fishing tackle, and boats, any thing that has to do with hunting or fishing,
    Posted is put up BY the OWNER, to keep other people out,
    its like NO trespassing.

  7. fisher1221us Says:

    Knowingly entering or remaining upon posted private property without possessing written permission from the owner or person in control of the land is called Criminal trespass

  8. boker_magnum Says:

    Here in Virginia if you are caught tresspassing on posted land, you are not only arrested, but your property(guns, fishing equipment, your car or truck that brought you there etc) is all confiscated as well. In Surry county a few years ago a man had taken his camper and set it up on what he thought was posted land that he had written permission to be on, not only was he arrested, but his camper and truck were confiscated! He had written permission to hunt on posted land, his mistake was not paying attention to the boundaries and he had actually set up camp on someone elses property! A simple, innocent mistake resulted in him losing everything he had with him at the time of his arrest. If you get written permission to hunt on posted land, OBSERVE the property lines and stay within them!

  9. Jim Says:

    Well you better find out what the law is in your state. Some of the trespass laws are stiff and give the owner the right to not only have you arrested, but to take away your hunting privileges and gun rights.

    In Illinois you must have the owners permission. Period, posted land or not. That permission has to be written, with the owners signature.

    Yes, there are exceptions. Any family member can hunt or trespass without written consent.

  10. countryguyhfc Says:

    The tresspassing laws have changed at least in Wisconsin. For ALL privately owned land you need to get the owners permission to go on it whether it is posted or not. I don’t think you specifically need written permission as only the owner can press charges for tresspassing and if he has given you permission then he would not press charges. Game wardens do not have authority to cite you for tresspassing, only a law enforcement officer can do that.

  11. craigwellsy Says:

    If it’s posted you should get the land owners permission,
    Always safer to go that route anyhow,

  12. ghogkiller Says:

    hunt were u want

  13. FishSteelhead Says:

    In CA., posted means just that ie., individuals that do not have ties with owner, have NO business bein’ on the property. I’ve worked many a’ cattle ranches and this was the "Golden Rule", set by the owner, "If ya’ don’t know them’ ~ run em’ off". Have heard of some instances where violators gave the ranch hands some s _ _ t, but thanks to technology ie., de’ cell phone. Comes in handy when your main job is movin’ cattle by horseback and not "packin’ a .45!! Don’t know if I helped ya’ out, but just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in ;)…

    Note: "Rule of thumb" ~ owners WRITTIN’ permission…

  14. Says:

    The land or property is closed to everyone whether posted or not, unless you have written permission to be on the land owners property, you are trespassing on private property.* It doesn’t matter what time of year you are on it.* Anytime & every time you place your feet on another’s property you are breaking the law without written permission to do so.*