Sarah Palin no friend to animals? Would this affect your vote?

My friend sent me this from an op-ed:

** Palin announced a 0 bounty for wolves because wolves prey on moose and caribou, two favorite targets for hunters in Alaska.

** Palin instituted a program to encourage hunters to kill wolves so that there would be more moose and caribou for hunters to kill.

** Palin has sued the Bush administration to delist polar bears under the Endangered Species Act because the protection of polar bears interferes with drilling for oil and gas.

** Palin penned an op-ed for the New York Times, explaining her scientific arguments against protecting polar bears.

17 Responses to “Sarah Palin no friend to animals? Would this affect your vote?”

  1. christi b Says:

    Yes, it affects my vote. I will not support anyone who doesn’t care about animals. Animals are a part of this country and we need someone who cares about them to help run the USA.

  2. eric54_20 Says:

    If polar bears get off the endangered list I’m going to bag me one most definetly. A polar bear rug would look sweet in front of my fireplace, next to the stuffed baby seal!

  3. Ally Cat Says:

    No it wouldn’t change my vote, but I didn’t like her anyways.
    I dont like what she stands for, but there are more important things than too many wolves and those poor polar bears. I dont think they should be drilling in Alaska at all!

  4. Sarah B Says:

    arent wolves on the endangered list. leave the poor things alone.
    eric you are so G A Y

  5. ♥willow♥ Says:

    Nope, doesnt change my vote at all… I was never voting for her and McSame. But this does add to the "Sarah Palin is CRAZY" list!


  6. greekman Says:

    My vote depends on what a candidate can do for the people in this country, for the economy that is getting worse, for the homelessness and the unemployment rate that is soaring. For a war that is draining the country and for the kids that are dying over there.
    Everything else is secondary after we take care of these issues first!
    Hope I helped!

  7. Tianna F Says:

    I didnt like her before i heard this, and now this just is more reason not to like her. Barack the Vote!!!

  8. Pyar Says:

    I doesn’t affect my vote .. but I see it as more reasons not to vote for this hypocrite .
    My real problem is , she’s no friend to humans .
    This woman makes no sense to me . If not power hungry , then what is she?

  9. Loki Wolfchild Says:

    My first clear memory of Sarah Palin’s existence:

    I was sitting in a sandwich shop in Jacksonville, FL, waiting for my order. On the news, they were interviewing her as someone pro-ANWR drilling. Her primary argument against environmental concerns: "Most people don’t understand that ANWR is flat. It’s like a big football field. There are no trees. No TREES!"

    Because apparently protecting our wild spaces is only important if those spaces have trees.

    Forgive me if I find Dr. Sarah’s "scientific" argument for delisting polar bears to be a bit suspect, when she doesn’t even understand the concept of tundra as a habitat.

  10. racehorsegirl1 Says:

    It would change my vote because I love animals and she like hunting the animals. If she banned hunting then I would vote for her.
    This year I’m not going to vote I’m not ready to see Obama as president.

  11. Brynn Says:

    An enemy of animals is an enemy of mine but some of these things make sense. Of course the course of action she has chosen is very rash and could be better thought out, such as the shooting of the wolves and the delisting of the endangered polar bears, some things are just necessary. There is a more humane way of going about it though and it appears to me that she is just trying to do what she thinks people want in the quickets, sloppies way. I would NOT vote for her.

  12. ♥ Crysti says Roll Tide ♥ Says:

    So, you’d rather protect the polar bears than have oil and/or gas? I love animals just as much as anybody, but, come on….there is a country to run and you want to decide that based on some PETA’ish campaign to trash talk someone?

    Barack Obama ….oh , wait, let me QUOTE this so it can’t be confused "Barack Obama recognizes that American hunters and anglers are losing access to places to hunt and fish.
    Obama supports the Open Fields Incentives legislation that provides incentives to farmers and ranchers who
    voluntarily open their land to hunting, fishing and other wildlife-related activities." What does PETA have to say about this? What do YOU have to say about this? So, he doesn’t hunt, but, he’s trying to make it easier for those who do to have a place to do it.

    But, he voted to ban rifle ammunition used by hunters…can we say contradictory, Mr. Obama?

    I’m not a hunter, so, I could care regardless. I find more important issues take precedence when deciding the future of this great country we live in, abuse, and take for granted than whether or not the candidate hunts.

    This is her "source":

    Wait, a friend emailed it to her….silly me.

    Shouldn’t this be in the polar bear section???

  13. That Guy Says:

    Do you have any sources for any of this information?

  14. ~Amerz~ the CPG Says:

    Wow, so the far left propaganda makes it way over to the DOG section again…

    Hmm… where is there a question about dogs in this?

    I’m with Greekman on this one. WAY bigger fish to fry other than hunting in this election.

  15. Mrs. Nicholson™ Says:

    My vote is based off of more than a person’s view on animals, honestly. To decide between a VP who would rather drill for oil and gas than keep the Polar Bear alive and a president who is far from patriotic and doesnt give a rip about the country… not a tough decision for me there.

    Have to choose the lesser of two evils in this election. And i’d prefer a President who cares about this country over the animals

  16. Mastiff Mommy Says:

    Damn it!
    Yes, I liked her too…
    Now I have to find out how obama and his peeps are withthe animal rights stuff..
    A few of my friends say there are bigger fish to fry- maybe I’m niave but I would hate to support some one who supports hunting..I hate the thought of wiping out a secies.. I just hate it all, this sucks

  17. Chuckles (I &heart; Oreos!) Says:

    *I* can’t vote but JUST because she doesn’t like animals doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them! What if…
    Obama + Vice P, loved animals but was a VERY bad leader.
    Mc Cain + Vice P, disliked animals but ran a GREAT country.

    When you are voting, you can’t JUST think about the animals! Yes, It is sad, but the voting is for the PRESIDENT of the USA. We have to think about how they will run this country!