sell land by the foot/Maine?

i would sell 1 foot of land on the Appalachian trail— on a lot 100 x400 on trail a donation of a % would go to the Appalachian club—- the land is small part of 45a —– this would be sit aside for ever wild area—- there would be no mortuary value you would only be buying a– souvenir deed — and pay a Maine sale tax—- and all would specified and have a gps location on the souvenir. deed ——they can walk right to it—— the Appalachian trail club are asking land owner of a buffer zone of a 100′ (not a law) –this is my way— ======I’m looking for someone that can get this moving – thank you cpk ==p.s this land sit on the famous 100 mile hike– monson to mt. katahdin ==

One Response to “sell land by the foot/Maine?”

  1. Quizzard Says:

    Your point? This is Yahoo Answers, not Yahoo ‘sell your stuff’. Did you have a question? Basically you can sell anything you want if you get someone to buy it, and I’m not sure why anyone WOULD buy what you’re offering.

    People ‘sell’ stars, I don’t see why you can’t sell souvenir deeds, as long as the people are correctly informed.