serving people with a no trespass order?

I lease a large farm and need a no trespass order served on a neighbor who is suspected of harming my horses, the land owner who I lease from retains rights to a 10 acre parcel that abuts my leased horse pastures and allows the creeps on there as they claim they are innocent, until I catch them anyway. What are my rights? Im in York County SC. In the past 5 years Ive had horses shot, poisoned, cut with knives and two of them have lost eyes.All in the pasture that abuts the creeps. Previous renter here swore that these creeps abused his horses as he kept them on the 10 acre parcel that abuts my leased parcel. What can I do legally? My vet says these things are hard to prove unless you see it happen. Thanks for the advice,Tom

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  1. MISS SARAH Says:

    If it is in a remote area then you need to find a way to make them angry and then set up surveillance on the horses, have others to help ypu watch and carry firearms, if they will shoot horses they may shoot you or call the police and tell them what you suspect and want them to issue a not trespass order they can do so without proof if you do not want the people on your property but you still have to see them to further the matter.