Should all governors waive state anti-pollution laws to deregulate gas & oil drilling like Pennsylvania?
should all states just step over the dead body of environmentalism and just Drill, Baby, Drill?
i know about the fracking- i saw your waters on fire in 1967.

6 Responses to “Should all governors waive state anti-pollution laws to deregulate gas & oil drilling like Pennsylvania?”

  1. imfoxygirl Says:

    Nationally I don’t think people know what’s going on in Pa.
    It’s a disaster happening right now.
    Fracking is lowering the water table. Gas is getting into the wells and fire can come out of your facets.
    The people are trying to keep the drilling out or at least abide by the safety laws.
    Parts of Pa will become uninhabitable due to contaminated water.

    @slg……….the drilling companies out and out lied at town hall meetings.

  2. Niles Crane Says:

    States have been robbed of their rights to do anything. Federal government is overreaching.
    Read Jason Lewis’ book "Power Divided is Power Checked" and it will make more sense to you.

  3. Raven Says:

    Heres the thing:Whats gonna happen if oil runs out and then everyone looks at each other and realizes everythign is gonna change,for 1-theres gonna be a mass panic,for 2 the oil company is gonna go outta business and before they do their gonna dump their funding in order to take over several smaller clean energy businesses then screw them up like they did our oceans,for 3 we needed reserve oil and fuel for ventures into space for the day our planet becomes os bad because we messed it up we will have to relocate and that needs fuel,some people think you can do it with solar energy well hate to say it in space the sun don’t reach everywhere especially the further you head out,so yeah if you wanna drill away ruin our enviroment and then leave us completly screwed afterwards by all means go ahead,just remember step 4 when people go nuts and start violence and cannobolism

  4. slg70 Says:

    no laws are being broke in pa. gas companies bought land leases, got the correct paperwork and they drill. some hick that has methane in their drinking water blame it on fracking and the lib bs machine is born.
    its proven that methane is stuck in old abandoned mines that seep into water supplies, but lets not let the facts get in the way.
    about 2 weeks ago, pittsburgh news playing over and over again untreated sewage water, talking about what mines COULD be doing to your water. just the sight of the water alone made peoples minds up and they should be held accountable for misleading the public.

    im not going to your link and please, the daily kos? lol

  5. American Woman Says:


    Using the dailykos is like using wnd. get real.

  6. cotterman gibble Says:

    ITS AMAZING Is it what you need?