Should BLEEPIN PETROLEUM (BP) have every asset frozen and taken to pay for all the oil disaster?

I think the company should be taken over by the government,. Their accounts drained. Their shareholders left with no money and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT use that money to pay all the people destroyed by their idiocy.
Plus, I think OIL in General should pay for this all. It is OIL that is the problem. I SAY TAKE THEM ALL DOWN

I will burn wood and ride my freaking bike.
Did you see the pictures.
YES I am mad.

4 Responses to “Should BLEEPIN PETROLEUM (BP) have every asset frozen and taken to pay for all the oil disaster?”

  1. shortbusbush Says:


  2. satcomgrunt Says:

    I would not go that far but you are correct when this over BP needs to be handed the bill and be forced to pay up.

  3. HATE MALE Says:

    they should pay the bill, but i’d rather see the executives at BP pay the price for this. seize their assets and throw them in prison. bankrupting BP won’t affect them, they’ll still be rich. most of the people at BP are innocent and they shouldn’t be punished, it’s the people at the top who need to pay the price because they make the decisions to cut corners. if the US actually went after executives and held them responsible for their behavior, we’d see companies change their practices in a hurry. i was watching cnn today, and this guy was talking about how in russia, they took the richest man in the country and threw him in a cage in public. after that, every rich guy in the country was falling in line in support of the gov’t to pay their taxes or whatever the issue was. destroying companies doesn’t hurt the rich guys, they land on their feet. punish them personally and things will change.

  4. yoyodude Says:

    Right because the Government has had no part in this accident and they run everything else so well.
    God f***ing morons like you really ruin my day open your dam eyes and get your news from somewhere besides MSNBC for heavens sake ACCIDENTS HAPPEN its sad i know but maybe instead of looking at who to blame, and "why oil is so bad" maybe we should fix the problem.