With America record snow and cold records, Home heating cost up, Gas 4 dollars a gallon, and Would America drilling it`s own oil again ,shorten the war in Iraq?


  1. K Says:

    If it were up to Environmentalist groups to decide how america conducts business…. then no.

    BUT, environmentalist groups do not control what america does. Doesn’t legislation do that?

    I think that a list of the pros and cons of drilling would be useful here.

  2. Dr Jello Says:

    More oil isn’t the goal. The take over of corporations like Exxon is the true goal.

    As always, follow the money. The motives of collectivist are always the same.

  3. viola f Says:

    getting out of Iraq would shorten the war…..and no we should not be opening our protected areas up to drilling…we should be developing ways to wean ourselves from oil….if the government got behind it….instead of supporting the oil companies…our scientist could find other ways to support transportation and heat

  4. constapato 2 Says:

    If you follow the money you’ll find that republicans are the true evil of the world. They should be stopped and exiled to Iraz. The evil republican polluting creeps deserve nothing less. PS. I’m glad you’re GOIN CRAZY

  5. aj.anon Says:

    no they shouldnt supply them with oil then we’ll what sort of a real super country they are.
    there like leeches they feed off the rest of the world

    10 points

  6. kenbgray Says:

    no don’t let them drill, find something else besides oil for fuel. don’t even try and tell me that it can’t be done. just get out of iraq and start takeing care of us first. we seem to try and take care of the world but who takes care of us?

  7. thor Says:

    Don’t you know we aren’t in Iraq for any reason to do with oil? It’s because of the WMD’s! The US military uses nearly 1/3rd of the oil used in this country for transportation. If they got out of Iraq we would have more oil in the international markets by that one move. It would take at least ten years to get oil flowing from Alaska down to the lower 48 if blocks of land on the north slope were auctioned off today. Much of the oil coming from that area already goes to Japan and China, so who’s saying any of it would come down to us even if drilling was allowed? Whoever is willing to pay more will get the oil. Efficiency is the key- fastest and cheapest way to reduce costs. Next comes conservation. Far down the list is drilling for new oil. What would happen if we did use all the oil available in the US? When gas gets to $10/gallon wouldn’t we wish we’d instead tried to find an answer to the problem instead of just drilling for the last drop of oil?