Should governments drill oil and gas in their own countries?

By doing this, we’ll prevent our natural resources being sucked and profit made from oil and gas will circulate in the country. If private corporations drill, the oil money’ll go abroad. Plus if government drills the oil, it can spend all the profit made in social security, building infrastructures, etc. and all those spends make the economy booms.

7 Responses to “Should governments drill oil and gas in their own countries?”

  1. Alex G Says:

    Governments should stay out of business. Not of some kind of sentimental preference for ideological reasons but because governments are bad at running enterprises. Our present well-being is based on international trade. Calling for protectionism will only lead to misery, higher prices, decreased income, strife and war.if there is something to be learned from the events leading to WW II.

  2. Thurston Says:

    If we announced we were going to go drilling and mining for our own resources millions of jobs would be created here instantly. Instantly.

  3. myant Says:

    now that makes sense doesnt it. thats why its not happening… our world is messed up. America should use its own resources and let the arab oil become fairly worthless.

  4. obammy the liberal Borg Says:

    Keep the government out of business.

  5. jamesbergen50 Says:

    Oil and minerals should only be removed from your own Country. If you can produce them cheaper than other Country’s. Brazil tryed this many years ago. Broke there economy right quick. Set them back 20 year or more

  6. Fred K Says:

    Right after we suck up everyone else then we will make that Rule and then we Can take all American oil off the Stock Market so they aren’t Fixing Prices

  7. whoyeah Says:

    Only if you can convince all the other countries to do the same. Government is involved in business so other countries don’t take advantage of them. Who would they turn to if not their own government to have the strength to make deals fair? But then abuse and corruption is everywhere.