Should governments drill oil and gas in their own countries?

By doing this, we’ll prevent our natural resources being sucked and profit made from oil and gas will circulate in the country. If private corporations drill, the oil money’ll go abroad. Plus if government drills the oil, it can spend all the profit in social security, building infrastructures, etc. and all those spendings will lead to economy booms.

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  1. Good As Gold Says:

    Governments should not do any central planning. The decisions should be made by business and the market, who have to worry about profits and losses. In some cases it would be better to produce something else and trade.

  2. Malachi Esogwa Says:


  3. Rabin Says:

    Yes government can do. But there are many demerits:
    1) Chances of corruption
    2) Possibility of improper management
    3) Greater pressure from environmentalist (as government is directly and more responsible towards environment than public companies)
    4) Incurring of huge cost from research to installation of plants.

    However there are some advantages as well like you have mentioned above. Beside these, subsidized fuel price resulting low cost on foods, transportation are merits. However, it is very difficult under sole management of government.

  4. SDD Says:

    What past experience would lead you to believe that government would know how to find oil better than companies who are in that business?

  5. Ruth Says:

    Governments do not drill, as far as I know. They used to do this in the USSR, China, etc. But this is history, as far as know?

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  6. Anjaree Says:

    Not in the US.It has to be frozen until it can be proved that it has enough technology to protect and prevent the leak. Last time in the Gulf,the compensation has not been fully paid still..

  7. Gina Trump Says:

    This president has the audacity to tell Americans that they cannot drill for their own oil while at the same time supplying money to Brazil to support and encourage that nation to drill on its offshore portion of the Atlantic Ocean.