Should I buy a toyota 80 series land cruiser?

I found a non-commisioned land cruiser that is basically just going to waste. Its not wrecked that I can tell, but the windshield is cracked real bad (not from an airbag deployment, it looks like a limb fell off a tree and busted it). It looks like all it needs is a new engine/transmission. I just have a few questions about the 80 series in general before I jump into the project.

1- is there a difference between an 80 series and FJ80, or are they the same thing?

2- what engine options are there? I looked on wikipedia, and it mentioned 2 petrol engines and 2 diesel engines, one with turbo. I know petrol is in foreign countries, and is not the same as gasoline, but I never would have thought that an American Toyota would have a diesel engine. I’ve always had the mindset that diesels were reserved for heavy duty work trucks and foreign cars.

3- how hard is it to find a motor for this vehicle? What i’m afraid of is the reason its sitting there is because finding a replacement engine is next to impossible or crazy expensive.. but if I can get the vehicle out of the owner’s hair (IE, free or extremely cheap), then I’ll be willing to spend the money on finding a motor..

right now there doesn’t seem to be any damage other than the cracked windshield and the stains from the trees overhead (I don’t know what the stuff is called.. just the mossy stuff from where leaves and stuff has fallen on the vehicle).. The tires are probably dryrotted too, but those will be replaced anyway..

Anyway, does this sound like a feasable project vehicle to restore/modify for offroad use? I know that since the windshield is cracked (its terrible but not busted completely out), to check if water is leaking inside, but is there other stuff I should check on? If the engine/transmission is going to be replaced anyway, its basically just checking for rust/leaks/electrical/bent frame…Oh yeah, and to see if anything is locked up, IE wheel bearings, brakes, stuff like that. Anything else I should check on? I’m really most interested in the engine options.. I think the diesel would be awesome

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  1. D Says:

    First, petrol and gasoline are the same thing, just different terms.
    Second, any old Toyota is expensive to fix. Forget about a diesel, you will never find one, they were not sold in the American market. As far as a gas engine, you MAY find one, but you will also need a transmission as well. Rebuilt items will cost you upwards of $4-5000 dollars, plus core charges, since you don’t have any. Also, there is the possibility that there is some other issue with this vehicle that caused the drivetrain to be pulled out, like bad differentials, etc. This will cost you more than it’s worth to get going, in my opinion.