Should I sign over the condo that my soon to be ex-husband now shares with his new girlfriend?

I have been separated for almost 6 months and was in a land contract for the condo we shared. The owner of the condo wants me to sign over the condo, which would eliminate any liability, if something should arise. I am fine with signing these papers, but want to know if I should do this even before divorce papers are filed. Am I doing the right and smart thing by signing now?
We do not have a divorce lawyer due to it will be a DIY divorce.

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  1. M S Says:

    My advice is not to do anything until you ask your lawyer, as that is the person in the best position to give you the straight scoop. Whose liability are you eliminating by signing? whose rights are being trampled on? I don’t know, but you could be helping the owner, and hurting yourself int he end. Be very sure.

  2. Quixotic Says:

    What does your divorce lawyer think?

  3. Cave Creek Says:

    If someone else owns the condo, how can you sign it over. Get professional help from a good real estate agent or lawyer.

  4. Queen Agnostic Says:

    Your not really clear about the situation…. I am guessing your in a lease for the condo and the owner wants you to sign papers to release you from responsibilty for it and if this is the case, by all means yes, do it… why would you want to be responsible for your ex and his girlfriend in the condo? However if you bought the condo from the owner and are renting to own, then do not sign anything over until you get your equity out of your ex… meaning, half of what had been paid towards it so far, then you sign it to your ex.

    If you have assets together, you need to spit them up and be satisfied with what you got….. get your name off anything that he keeps and has… and vice versa… then after the alloted time for a divorce petition, just fill in the appropriate papers, both of you go before a judge and get a divorce… you dont need a lawyer if you agree on everything.

    good luck

  5. listurhopes Says:

    DIY divorce is a bad thing. DIY real estate is also a bad thing. No need to spend $$$ on a big time shark but a couple of hundred to have someone look over the documents would be a smart move on your part.

  6. Grandma's Wisdom Says:

    just sine over the condo… neither one of you REALLY own it… it’s just air and space BETWEEN some floors..but if it were a house I wouldn’t sine anything