Should I study petroleum or chemical engineering?


I have to choose between the above two majors. Which one would you recommend and why. I like them both but cannot decide which one to go with.

Is petroleum engineering really a dying field or will we still rely on oil for a few more decades?


3 Responses to “Should I study petroleum or chemical engineering?”

  1. John Says:

    The choice should really be which you like the most and could easily see yourself working as in the future. Chemical Engineers will work mainly with refineries and various types of chemical plants as to both designing them and maintenance for them after they have been in operation.

    Petroleum Engineering is kind of a hybrid degree involving both Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. PE’s work mainly with oil & natural gas fields and their jobs vary considerably as to functions involving anything from drilling, reservoir, production & operations.

    To me Petroleum Engineering is the most exciting career I could have ever imagined. I have had the opportunity to work all over the US earlier in my career and then internationally later. I like the challenge of having a whole new problem dumped into my lap every week that needs to be addressed ASAP while also working on more longing term problems at the same time.

    Petroleum Engineering is NOT a dying field as there are lots of known oil & natural reserves to try to produce economically plus lots more to discover using new technologies that rival technologies used by NASA. Try drilling and producing oil & natural gas under 10,000 feet of water depths using wells which are 30,000 feet deep! Also, there are a lot of us older PE’s who will be retiring in the next 5 – 10 years and very few PE’s coming up to replace us. Therefore, both the demand for PE’s and the technical challenges lie ahead.

  2. qwerty695 Says:

    If i were you, i would choose petroleum engineering. It isn’t a dying field, since the energy demands would increase exponentially. Also, in 2008 OPEC stated, they still have oil reserves sufficient for more than 90 years.

  3. Uthranarayan Says:

    first of all, u have 2 see thateven thoughgh our petroleum resources go inin 2 b depleted within the next 30 or 40 years, our usage has not reducein factct it has only increased… so its a good choice
    Also u need not worry about these resources getting depleted as v might have many undiscovered resources