should i use Bacitracin or Petroleum jelly as a lubricant for ear stretching?

Im going to start stretching my ears but im not sure what would be better to put on it, so if you could tell me what one is better and tell me how i stretch my ears?
Thank you so much! (:

One Response to “should i use Bacitracin or Petroleum jelly as a lubricant for ear stretching?”

  1. Brittany Says:

    no no on the petroleum jelly! its worse if u put that :/ so will the other stuff your talking about if it is anything similar to petroleum jelly.

    use natural plant oils( like jojoba oil,etc..) 😉 ipersonally use vitamen E oil. it is more than a lubricant, it helps with healing,scarring,etc.. works great!

    Some Useful Tips to help in stretching:
    1. stretch after you take a nice warm shower, that is when your ears will be most pliable 😉 + your ears will be clean
    2. do 2 sea salt soaks a day (helps with healing and cleanses piercing)
    3. use steel on fresh stretches NEVER porous materials like acrylic,wood,stone,etc…
    4. dont leave in tapers to sleep with cuz while you are sleeping it may cause tearing and tearing can lead to infection….which sucks! :L
    5. heres a link to a website that covers the basics for streching ;] –>

    here in this link the sea salt soak recipe is about in the middle of the page. but there is a lot of other useful info like what materials and oils to use ;}–>

    Hope this helped and GOOD LUCK! ;D