Should I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on my face?

So it’s winter time and my face is getting dry. I have been using a face moisturizer from Clean&Clear. It kind of works, but I have to keep applying it over and over again. I heard that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly helps get rid of dry skin. The only fear I have is that it will cause my pores to close, and make me break out more. Should I try it?

5 Responses to “Should I use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on my face?”

  1. Lilly Gomez Says:

    vaseline will probably make u break out because its a oily.. try it for at least a week but put on small amount to just see if it help n wont cause u to break out

  2. maria<3 Says:

    I love vaseline! I use it to remove makeup and for dry lips but I don’t recommend it for dry skin I recommend getting a moisturizer by olay for dry skin for your face and that will be a lot better for your skin

  3. Mariana Says:

    It’ll clog poores.
    Just buy goldbond lotion or jergens hydrate.
    I get very dry skin to the point of where it breaks easily. These are he only two kinds that make my skin normal. Apply a nickle sized aount of each 2X per day.
    Also try drinking 2 extra bottles of water per day.

  4. Chef Quiet Says:

    I apply a light amount of extra virgin olive oil to my face. It doesn’t clog pores, helps repair skin (acne scars, lines, etc.), makes the skin soft and keeps it from being dry. Sometimes the most natural ingredients are the best for our skin…Make that all of the time. Also, drinking water in the winter time is good for your skin and body since you will be more dehydrated and have dryer skin.

  5. Horsemaster Says:

    Definitely go with some organic extra virgin olive oil. It wont clog up your pores, just gently massage a tiny amount into your skin. Make sure it is organic though, this is very important as it may contain bad chemicals that will harm your skin, and might lead to permanent damage. Hope this helps :)