should israelis pay more for egyptian natural gas?

i’m a (jewish) resident of jerusalem/al quds and i just read an article in the JPost about how egyptian president mubarak forced us to pay 3x the price for natural gas that residents of egypt did. it’s annoying, but didn’t we kind of have it coming? a lot of my neighbors are virulently anti-egyptian and would love to see the arabs wiped out of the sinai. in fact, we had some settlements there during the war… i know as well as any israeli that if our government could kill or relocate every egyptian in the sinai with three israelis we would. isn’t it only natural to force a country that wants to wipe you off the face of the planet or even KILL you to pay a little bit more for YOUR oil? i swear, the way we act toward arabs around the world is completely anti-torah and anti-jewish. we’re giving our religion a bad name and doing nothing to help the cause of eretz israel. didn’t we ask for it?
by the way, the egyptian revolutionaries are complaining that while israel was still sold gas at a higher price than egyptians, it was still about 3x below the actual market value.
yes, 3x below the market value. i’m a jew, i know a good deal when i see one, trust me lol.

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  1. John E Says:

    I believe the bill for the Egyptian gas is payed in full by the extremely generous American taxpayer.
    Almost $3 billion dollars each year, travel from Washington to Cairo only to be transformed into crude Egyptian oil, reaching the Jewish Palestinian refineries a week later.
    Therefore I see no reason why you should worry my dear friend.
    Let the Americans decide on the price of the barrel.


  2. eran Says:

    We should pay even less. it was just excuse to get mubarak down, the arabs do it everytime and somehow connect israel into it. assad now facing the same thing and even gadhaffi

  3. Mathew Says:

    Any commodity has exactly the value that the seller will accept from a buyer, and the buyer is willing to pay for it. If I can get $20 from an Egyptian for something an American would only pay $2 for, then I would prefer to sell to the Egyptian.
    The person selling an item may demand whatever he thinks he can get, and if he can’t get what he is demanding, he won’t be selling his stuff. For this reason, Egypt would be foolish to try to squeeze more money out of Israel, because Israel will either do without or find some other source.
    Meanwhile, Israel loses some of its incentive to do any favors for Egypt if Egypt stops doing favors for Israel.

  4. антитеррор Says:

    No, Egypt should not supply them with any gas, unless it’s Zyklon B.

  5. ishnichmad Says:

    this asker is no jew or israeli. i have never heard an anti egyptian remark in israel and ive lived here for many many years.
    you ignorant stupid fools. egypt is in a desperate situation.its bankrupt and will probably run out of food this winter.your tourist industry has turned toes up. the one certain income that it has is from the natural gas that israel is willing to buy even though it now has its own sources. what is egypt is going to do with the gas it doesn’t sell? it cant pipe it to somewhere else. is doesn’t have enough industry enough to use it. it cant sell it without expensively liquidizing it. by stopping israel using gas it also stops jordan and syria who pay far less than israel as they use the same pipeline. even at this time which can be either a brilliant future for the egyptian people or a decent into the darkness of the middle ages,israel is on your mind. are you crazy?
    you know what, blow it up all you want i couldn’t care less."

  6. trancinguy Says:

    No, they should pay for their future home:

    p.s. A true Torah practitioner would never claim the fake "Sinai" 😉

  7. Y.K. Cherson Says:

    You are a normal, regular and very boring arab provocator who knows nothing about what Israelis think about Arabs in general and about Egyptians in particular. What is especially amusing is your idea "to relocate every Egyptian in the Sinai with three Israelis", about what, as you inform us, "every israeli" is dreaming. The population of Sinai, my stupid arab friend, is 400,000 people. The population of Israel is just seven million people of whom only 6 mln are Jews. So, Israel would have "to relocate" almost the fifth part of its entire population to make your "brilliant " idea true.

    You are " a Jew"??? Lol.

  8. Crack Open The Manischewitz! Says:


    This is not a question, but an Anti-Semitic rant disguised as a Question!