Should reparations be made to former slave owners?

…. they did have legal possession of them. Seems to make more sense to me to make reparations from those who actually were robbed than the slaves who were rightfully owned. Not saying slavery was right, just that by abolishing it, the government effectively seized their property. What if the government abolishes private land ownership, should we boot land owners off their land as well without a dime of compensation?

And if so, how much should the zoo keepers be compensated?

4 Responses to “Should reparations be made to former slave owners?”

  1. ROB Says:

    slave owners nor blacks should compensated in any way

    I mean it was hundreds of years ago, they are not suffering because of it

    they are suffering because of the racism they are encountering, which god has implanted into our minds and will never go away

    so they need to do their best to resist the allure of the game and don’t go when it calls them right back

    OHH NOO!!!!!!!

  2. M.O. (R.I.P. GURU) Says:

    You ask this in the hip hop section,
    I dont know Im white LOL
    Um this is the most effort Ive seen put into trolling in a long time

  3. themovementt Says:

    This is the hip-hop section… go ask this somewhere else.

  4. Ignorant people and I dont mix:) Says:

    How could you ask such an insensitive question? Slave owners got more than they deserved from slaves. 400 years of free labor and inhumane control! You can’t put a price on a person’s life and thousands of slaves were killed by their masters. How can you say rightfully owned where the maltreatment of any human being is just wrong?