Should reparations be made to former slave owners?

…. they did have legal possession of them. Seems to make more sense to me to make reparations from those who actually were robbed than the slaves who were rightfully owned. Not saying slavery was right, just that by abolishing it, the government effectively seized their property. What if the government abolishes private land ownership, should we boot land owners off their land as well without a dime of compensation?

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  1. Trylemma Says:

    You might actually have a valid point had the Confederacy not blatantly refused to obey the laws laid down by their rightful President!

    If the government abolishes private land ownership, and I choose to follow that law, then yes, perhaps compensation is in line. If I choose to give the government the finger and disregard all authority it has over me, including the killing of U.S. military who are trying to enforce the law…then I probably won’t get much compensation. Post de facto laws are still punishable if they are broken consciously…which the South did.

    Plus, comparing land and slaves is ridiculous as land doesn’t have the benefit of the Constitution.

    Nice try though…

  2. elmatic Says:

    human cattle is no longer legal property…


    you can’t compensate someone for losing an illegal asset. unless of course it’s in punishment

  3. KIDS Says:

    what if i banged yo mama, would she be under my ownership. cause she would have been owned.

  4. Robert Says:

    Let’s be very technical clear on this before we make legal leaps…. For one the government never abolished slavery…it is just they gave civil rights to all Americans with no reguard to skin color or no reguard to property ownership. Just based on Citizenship status…..

    In the exercising of one law it made the old way illegal and punishable under the law…So now if a slave owner had a runaway slave .. 1.) He could answer to the law for owning slaves, this is illegal. 2.) The law provides no further remedy for retrieving your property since the ownship is illegal.

    It is not that the government abolished slave ownership but the new law prohibited the practice of the old way and, as I said, if a slave ran away you cannot legally get ’em back, punish ’em, or enlist others, deputies or local sherrif, to help hunt ’em down with guns & dogs.

    You can get the slave back, you can continue to own the slave but if the slave choses not to comply or conform very little can be done to force ’em into the field without breaking the law yourself. You probably would not be arrested for beating the slave but would be arrested for treating him " Like A Slave" by working him without pay or allowing him to choose to work the field or not…
    It is a time of choice … that is what the new law provided…choices and a voice in the new world…and now white man finds himself actually campaigning for a black vote…a vote which was never considered before….

    Note: the difference is when something is abolished by the government they can come in at will and do as they chose for practicing the thing. look an England when certain religions were abolished by the whole divine rights of kings….if you were believed to practice this, you were considered practicing witchcraft – that evolved later on, and if so the guards would just show up at your door, come in, place you’all under arrest and seize all of your property.. your family would stand trial on the charges – – most often you lost and died.
    Under the United States it was not an abolishment – none of that happened, you broke a law by restricting an American from exercising his / her rights. The law provided a punishment to all Violators on American soil….You did not lose your life, your propery, or put on trial for charges of practicing slavery … you were arrested for civil rights violations as a result of practicing slavery…
    Later on, it became illegal for one person to "Own" another; thereby, strengthening the civil rights laws. But at this point, owning a slave was the same as owning a car today that has no exhaust system. No body can stop you from owning it, and it really is not illegel to own it. You can get insurance for it, get tags for it and it is a legal car. But I assure you if you were to run it on the streets you would be arrested because in exercising one thing you are breaking other laws… the clean air laws would prohibit this practice .. even if the car is legal in all other ways…
    Slaves were useless in that world anymore…violence gave way to money…the same profits could be made without the muscle like before.. now it is now how you can force them into the fields but how well you treat them to make them want to be in your fields. … it is truly time of change…old ways just don’t work now and that is why the old ways were no longer practiced…how many people today would do all that for a car they cannot even run and use…same thing then …so they just stopped doing it in favor of the new … legal ways…..the law will guide the society as the society evolves and determines what it needs….the law forces need upon society – at other times; such as, this.

    You really need to get back to "Divine Rights Of Kings" and study forward from that point… could go a bit further back to the religious wars, some writings by Dante’s period, and Martin Luther
    and Catholicism & the Great Scizims