Should reparations be made to former slave owners?

…. they did have legal possession of them. Seems to make more sense to me to make reparations from those who actually were robbed than the slaves who were rightfully owned. Not saying slavery was right, just that by abolishing it, the government effectively seized their property. What if the government abolishes private land ownership, should we boot land owners off their land as well without a dime of compensation?

3 Responses to “Should reparations be made to former slave owners?”

  1. Sydney Says:

    You have to look at it at an entirely different perspective.
    Objects are objects.
    But people…are people.
    You can’t compare the two and expect them to be equal. Sure, they were property but it doesn’t make it any more right for them to continue being slaves. Do you not realize how inhumane that is??? Equality of man is more important than right of property. It just so happened that someone finally realized that…

  2. lightning80 Says:

    This is not a basketball question, please post somewhere else.

    By the way, if the former slave owners are paid for the lost of property, that would mean the government still consider the slaves as property. And we all know that the point of the change is that the slave are NOT considered as property any more, they’re considered as regular people. So, why would the former slave owners be repaid for something that would be illegal to possess?

  3. williams Says: