Should the government use eminent domain for flight 93 memorial?

The government is wanting 2,200+ acres for a memorial for the flight 93 passengers that lost their lives during the 9/11 attacks. There are a few land owners that don’t want to give up the remaining 500+ acres the government is wanting for it so they are threatening eminent domain by condemning the land if they will not sell it for what they are willing to give for it. Do you feel that the government has the right because of the memorial? Personally I think they already have over 1000 acres for a very nice memorial why do they have to use something as crooked as eminent domain to acquire this land that the owners don’t want to give up for very good reasons. I can’t believe that eminent domain is still a legal practice in this country.


10 Responses to “Should the government use eminent domain for flight 93 memorial?”

  1. ann Says:

    I am not a proponent of eminent domain in any situation. In this case more particularly I find it offensive. As you said they already have over 1k acres, why harass landowners who should have every right to keep and enjoy their lands. The people who gave their lives did this for the Freedoms we enjoy in the United States. Taking away property is insult to those heroes deaths!

  2. I have a gift Says:

    Eminent domain is as communist as you can get.
    Sad thing is, most of the property owners would have gladly donated acreage with a little tax break.

  3. Dolly Says:

    No. Nor should they spend $60 million on it.

  4. Howard Roark Says:

    I don’t agree with eminent domain( its the farmers land let them have it), but if there was ever a case where it would be acceptable, I’d say this would come close.

  5. ~American~ Says:

    Our memorial in Okc is not near that large and its just fine.

  6. G J Says:


    Eminent domain is a euphemism for government theft. It can even be used to be taken over for private use if the government deems it useful to the public. In other words, another form of corruption.

  7. Truth? Says:

    Eminent Domain is theft. Plain and simple theft. What a disgrace. It makes me sick to think they would steal someones land to make a park. I will visit just to piss on what the government has stolen.

  8. Helios Says:

    I love it! Memorials to the chaos and destruction brought to us by Li’l Bush and his moron Nazis.

    We also could have a torture memorial for Georgie and Dicky – It could be called: "Georgie and Dicky Tortured Them To Death For You".

    Your right wing tax dollar at work.

  9. Pat Says:

    I agree.
    They don’t need that much land and they should not use eminent domain to get it.

  10. Skittles are M & M wannabees Says:

    I can’t imagine that the HEROS who lost their lives on Flight 93 would have wanted the government to take people’s land to build them a memorial.