Should the US just give back the southwest to Mexico already?

Many Mexicans that live in southwest USA believe the land is stolen and should be returned to Mexico. This leaves me to believe that eventually when the southwest is nothing but mexicans (which will happen very very soon) they will vote to join mexico and forever return the land to the right owner. why doesn’t usa just give it up now? its will happen one day….

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  1. DukeofDixie Says:

    No, we should just annex Mexico and make about 10 states out of it and that would eliminate most of the problems , we would have a very short border to control and it would save America a ton of money******************************************************************************

  2. Progressives Suck!! Says:

    No. I think we should invade Mexico and push the Mexicans to Venezuela.

  3. Max Hoopla Says:

    No. We paid for it.

  4. David Says:

    Naw, soon the USA will have a different government and we will raze that festering sore on our southern border to the ground :)

    I.E. conquer and annex.

  5. TC Says:

    Sure. As soon as the Mexicans give their land back to the Aztecs.

  6. annie Says:

    only southern California since it is already mexifornia.

  7. Terran Says:

    I say we just give them California.

  8. mizzshopper Says:

    Give back? We own that fair and square. Get over it!

  9. creed Says:

    sorry, but do they NOT have enough land to screw up more of what they already do have?? you even understand WHY they are coming here?? I truly don’t believe it has a THING to do with what happened eons ago, but isn’t CURRENTLY happening in that country TODAY!!!…

  10. Bubblegum Says:


  11. La Raza Says:

    Return to sender

  12. chronicmidori Says:

    Oh gawd! This Mazatlan crap again! You people don’t get it do you? Mexico sold this land to America, it will never be Mexico’s land again. Get over it or get out! Us Californian have our own plans for this State, we aren’t handing it over it to you. You aren’t taking anything over but the minimum wage job market…

  13. bobby Says:

    already ? when will the insanity stop?

  14. stoned pumpkin Says:

    Even if it was returned to Mexico, they would still pour over the new border.

  15. toe_crap Says:

    Exactly why do you think Mexico is the "rightful owner"????

    Out of the BILLIONS of people on this planet and the HUNDREDS of countries…countries do not tend to just "give back" land that used to belong to another country.

    It is believed mankind originated in Africa. Everything that has happened since, is history…

    People need to just DEAL WITH IT!!!


    They do not want the "land", they want our PROSPERITY!!!!

    If we gave them the "land", it would degenerate into what the rest of Mexico is!!!

  16. Kize Says:

    NO. They forget they stole, murdered and raped to acquire that land from the original inhabitants. It was never theirs. They invaded then like they are doing now.

    Geronimo was born in 1829, his name at birth was Goyathlay (One Who Yawns), in what is now Clifton, Arizona. His father died at an early age and the young Goyathlay took on the responsibility of taking care of his mother. At the age of 17, he was admitted to the Council of the Warriors. He then married Alope and had three children. In 1858 while trading in a Mexican village called Kas-Ki-Yeh, the Mexican army attacked the village killing the warriors left behind and most of the women and children, among the dead were Goyathlay’s mother, his wife , and his children. A year later the Apache tribes converged on the Mexican army and extracted revenge for the massacre. Goyathlay was allowed the honor of leading the attack because of the great loss he had suffered at the hands of the Mexicans. Many years of fighting with the Mexican army followed. The War with the Mexican army ended in 1883.

  17. Dan B Says:

    He|| NO! I’ve seen what happens to neighborhoods when Mexicans move in. Do we want to turn the entire area into a drug infested slum? Besides, where would the coyotes export their inventory. There would be no market for them if southern AZ were returned to Mexico.

  18. Abigail Says:

    OK umm that is a really stupid question and 90% of those answers are even stupider no we should not we won it in the a war and I don’t know anyone who thinks like this A lot of my old friends who are NOT Hispanic, moved there get informed of the situation

  19. Scar Says:

    The USA will NEVER give back the southwest to Mexico. Mexico doesn’t deserve to get its land back after all the illegal scumbags invading our nation.

  20. Zonie Says:

    No, I don’t. Where would they go to get jobs then? Would our southwest then become just like Mexico?

  21. Welcome to America, now go home Says:

    Nope. I own property in the SW United States, why would I give a damn about false claims of stolen land? Besides we have a Treaty signed by the Mexican Govt proving this land was purchased from them.

  22. Paladin Says:

    Spain claimed it longer than Mexico ever did, but we’re not giving it back to them either

  23. the nice but shy guy Says:

    you are an idiot, this would never happen the united states would never just give land back to them mexican americans cant just vote back land to mexico the USA wouldnt want to change the boarders any way.

  24. Gaijin Says:

    That’s a common misconception that Mexico was in south west first.Plains Indians were there first.Mexico invaded and tried to wipe them out,didn’t work of course.Same thing happened in California but coastal Indians were agro based and not used to guerrilla warfare.Bottom line is this is now and Mexico is causing us problems,we don’t appreciate it.

  25. CarroBarrato Says:

    Mexicans are indigenous to Mexico City(Central Mexico) and are not native to the Southwest USA. Only Southwest Indian tribes are indigenous to that region( footnote: the Chinese never defeated the Mongols in battle, they swallowed them).

  26. Sarah Says:

    It isn’t about illegal immigrants wanting their land back. It’s about illegal immigrants wanting to be in America, in their society, getting their benefits, working their jobs. If we were to pack up our bags and move North, the illegal immigrants would follow.

  27. FU Says:

    If I ever meet the person who posted this question I will annex you right out of the country. It is anti-American to make your obviously ignorant statement. It just shows how people in this country should have mandatory military service to understand and have pride in out great country. All others can be deported, stripped of citizenship and try to have the good life we have here. Stupid people like yourself are the same people who are handed down racism, bigotry and idiocracy the family generations. I can’t even explain how stupid your stupid question sounds but a dark or lite alley will be waiting for you and a good American (regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender or etc) will give you the rightful beat-down you deserve. History lesson for you also dumbarse – Texas won it’s independence fair and square fought be Texans which included whites, blacks, asians, and mexicans together and it was one fair and square. California was offered as a purchase Mexico refused and was conquered all the way to Mexico City, in which we could have taken it all. Instead we only took what we said we would so get your facts straight and watch out for yourself.

  28. lala land Says:

    Lol that’s was a really stupid statement, the southwest would never be returned to mexico its not rightfully theirs anyway. I do believe racism in our communities are causing tension amongst mexicans and americans this needs to end, racism is a awful sick thing. I believe the u.s should protect our borders like any other over populated country would, the economy is terrible and with more and more illegal people coming into the country just makes it I believe harder for u.s citizens to find job opportunities because the people who come in illegally are willing to work for a lot less. But I believe the illegal people are in the U.s should have the right to stay but only if they are not criminals or involved in any illegal activity in mexico. If they are criminals they should be shipped back to mexico and be prosecuted.

  29. nativenorthamerikanaztek Says:

    XThey stold it 4 da gold in california and oil in texas the rest was free all u inbred hillbillys since u don’t. Know how 2 read a history book the southwest wil b a part of new nation of native americans and mestizos this our continent go. Back 2 europe we’re. Ur native. 4rm! mexicans is another word 4 aztekz da. Bigst tribe in north america. Who migrated 2 mexico 4rm da southwest the nation of aztlan 500. Tribes. 4rm da southwest and present day mexico. Its our time we’re. Takin bak by numbers an controlin u wit drugs. The racist who disagree go back europe we’re ur 4rm ur ancestors murderd and stoled 4rm all the real amerikans us natives false. Borders and genocide wil never make our continent thank god

  30. Ginna Says:

    You’re going to get very surprise when Spain realease the very truth about how the Southwest was orquestrated by the illuminati funder fathers. The time will come, history will repeat. Not even the American historians know the truth.

  31. Djdjrjeejsh Says:

    I think u all should shut up and realize ur drunk ancestors stole our land and they went straight to America so that they can be safe and don’t realize that it wasn’t there’s to begin with and they just assumed that it’s there’s and declared it an independent country so all u white people should shut up realize how stupid and racist ur comments are so shut the fuck up

  32. Djdjrjeejsh Says:

    Stupid white people