Should we allow oil companies to drill in banned drilling areas?

Nobody knows if increasing our domestic oil outflow will decrease oil prices. We can increase our domestic oil outflow by 1.5million barrels of oil per day. Domestically, we presently produce 1.5million barrels of oil per day. Within the next 10years, we will demand more oil and foreign countries will too. The world’s outflow of oil is 87million barrels per day. Most experts think that by the year 2015, the world will demand 115million barrels of oil per day. There are no plans to meet future oil demand. In otherwords, I don’t think drilling in banned USA areas will decrease oil prices. Oil drilling will hurt the environment and force residents to move from coastal areas. I think we will live with high gas prices until we rely on alternative forms of energy.

The USA should spend more money for developing alternative energy technologies.

14 Responses to “Should we allow oil companies to drill in banned drilling areas?”

  1. SoldAsFreedom Says:

    i agree. i do belive though for a time they should open up some fields here to take a little of the pressure off the high demand out of the middle east. but i want them if they are going to do that to develop alternative fuels before the demand gets to high.

  2. Elle Says:

    Yes we should. We are much too dependent on foreign oil. Of course we need to develop alternative energy, but that takes time, and in the meantime we have to have the oil. That’s just reality.

    Also, it would cause an immediate drop in gas prices. Speculators will see a promising future and invest accordingly, resulting in an immediate drop in prices.

  3. tys7344 Says:

    Of course we should allow it. The land already leased has shown not to have enough oil to make it profitable to drill, so we have to go where the oil is. This country has to have gas now – for everything from school buses to airplanes. In the meantime we need to look for alternative fuels, but it will take many years before America can completely revert to alternative energy.

    Drilling rigs are already off the coast of FL and do not damage the environment or tourism. There is a limit as to how close the rigs can be built. It is environmentally safe. During Katrina, the rigs were damaged, but didn’t spill a drop of oil. The worst oil spill was Valdez and that was from importing oil, not domestic drilling.

    Drilling for our own oil will make a difference in price, first because speculation will ease up, second because, including all our resources, shale, offshore, anwr, we have more oil than Saudi Arabia.

  4. shawn p Says:

    scrape a few more years out of oil, and for what? to destroy yet another eco-system only to have be running out again in a few years?

    i could understand if there were huge stock piles and we could live for hundreds of years off it or something… but there’s no that much oil to be had.

    "OK, how much of your pay check are you willing to give to develop those alternative technologies?

    Cause like it or not, that is where it will come from.

    As for me and my house, I don’t want to give one red cent"

    that’s the exact kinda attitude that’s gonna bring humanity to a halt someday in the not so distant future…. ask any scientist… we’re exhausting numerous resources at staggering rates….

    cause like it or not this work has got to be done sooner or later, we cannot live off of oil much longer no matter what we do… we have no alternative BUT to find a new alternative… wake up.

    taking into account how long it takes to invent, and then apply on a global scale, new technologies, i’d say we’re in desperate need of that research NOW….. it’s kind of sad really, most people (especially here in america) go on every day living their lives confident nothing bad could ever happen and anyone that says anything else is just paranoid or the like… but that’s becuase they’re just so used to being able to hand money out and get whatever they want in exchange…. i think few really seem to grasp the concept that most of our resources from oil to gold are limited…. and someday they will run out…

  5. William V Says:

    I totally agree with your statement. We have to get away from oil dependency and find alternate sources of energy. At the moment we are basically being held hostage by the major oil producing countries.

  6. amazin'g Says:

    Should we?? Yes.

  7. East Coaster Says:

    Yes, yes yes.

    Either that or have those against drilling pay an additional 10/gallon to subsidize those for it.

  8. B Jones Says:

    I see much good that can come from developing alternate energy sources. Do it!

    That said, any added oil production, even if it is 10 years out, will help keep the price of oil down. May not be today, but it will make a difference.

    Here in the USA we have enough reserves, counting the oil shale the USA as I understand it, counting the oil shale to entirely supply this country with fuel for about 300 years, not importing a drop.

    Edit: Note to shawn p … Yes we do have enough oil here for that, in processable oil shale. Production of it was banned by congress on federal lands last year as a add on to a tax bill….
    I work in the Oil industry, and have seen the oil produced from some test projects using oil shale… it is here. Allow more refineries to be built, as often oil production is restricted in local fields due to no refineries in the area are able to process more than they already have.

  9. Knochen Schinken Says:

    McCain supports a multi-pronged approach to energy production, including more drilling and new nuclear power plants. It makes sense. I certainly have no objection to alternative energy technologies, but they will not emerge from government bureaucracies. And, if you know anything about the futures market (apparently you do not), you know that petroleum futures would drop precipitously if the U.S. opened new oil fields for exploration and production. The current price of gas at the pump is a bubble price. We need to break the bubble.

  10. Obama's 'Dream' Says:

    OK, how much of your pay check are you willing to give to develop those alternative technologies?

    Cause like it or not, that is where it will come from.

    As for me and my house, I don’t want to give one red cent.

  11. Lite-Taco Says:

    I hope the Oil CEO’S were lying to congress ( just last month ) when they admitted to Congress that

    -the US is already the #3 largest producer of oil in the world….. and will become #1 if allow drilling in Alaska?

    -It only cost $10 to make a Barrel of Oil but trade of Greed Street for $130 a barrel

    -We Export a lot of Oils ( to Japan )

    -Demand is now low ( so why are we drilling for more )

    -Supply is now higher ( so what are we going to do with the extra oils ? )

    -Oils produced in the US are as expensive as oils produce in the Middle east because they are trade on Greed Street

    -All the CEO’s and Presidents testifying in congress work for European Corporations but push to drill in Alaska for FREE!!!!!!! because it won’t happen in Europe!!!!

  12. Nicolas Says:

    Think a little deeper and with some more research you will find that most oil goes into the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. I haven’t found a way to develop new drugs with windmills.

  13. jackpi21 Says:

    Since in the last 3 months the American public has driven 30 billion fewer miles then that means the supply of gasoline has increased by that amount, yet even when supply increases they continue to raise prices! No more drilling, no more subsidies, no more tax advantages, no more grants for oil companies! No more support of any kind, militarily or not! Even if they drilled in every square foot of the US it would not change anything because they will just sell it overseas anyway and then it will be sold back to the American public at a higher price! Stop the insanity now! When are the oil companies going to pay the taxpayers for all the oil they’ve extracted from federally owned lands in the past?

  14. mutantalbino Says:

    At this point, some people are banking on a "magic" alternative energy solution that does not yet exist. Hydrogen, for example is an energy conversion technique verses an energy source. ( Have you seen any hydrogen wells lately?) Yes, Solar and wind power can deliver a few energy crumbs but they cannot provide the massive amounts of energy needed. Given that oil fields take 8 to 10 years to develop and there isn’t a viable alternative yet, the oil fields should be developed. Failure to do so will result in economic collapse and starvation. The oil situation now is causing starvation in the poorest parts of the world and it will get far worse. Domestic oil production has the added and very significant advantage of reducing the trade deficit. Huge amounts of money is leaving the country to buy oil. Domestic production at least keeps the money at home.

    If you lay a graph of the Gross Domestic Product over energy consumption, the graphs are identical. In the 70’s, for example, GDP dropped right along with energy consumption. When energy consumption went up GDP went up and the recession was over.

    Free market forces alone cannot be relied on to provide for cheap energy and stave off environmental damage (Assuming that global warming is not natural). The government can intervene by requiring higher fleet gas mileages, lowering speed limits, relaxing safety requirements for vehicles and promoting higher efficiency systems such as offering tax rebates for increasing insulation, installing solar hot water heaters, heat recovery units and the like.

    The proposal to build 45 nuclear power plants is a good one. It will provide a base of energy production from which alternate fuels such as hydrogen can be developed and a bridge to the future without mass collapse. Right now, we are in a situation where we would be burning coal or oil to make the hydrogen, a fundementally inefficient process.

    I have no doubt that technologies will be developed that will make oil largely obsolete; however, we cannot bet our lives that they will be developed in time and must take appropriate action with what we have and know now.