Should we as American rally up and tell congress to lift the ban off off shore oil drilling?

Forget the tree huggers for one minute and think about what is more important at this time. Saving a tree or only paying 3.50 for a gallon of gas. you be the judge. I call for a protest in DC against congress for not being there for the American people when we need them the most.
just enought till either hybrids are cheaper or until another energy source is found.

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  1. dumdum Says:

    People are more confused about this subject then any other on the net-here’s the deal- the US is the fifth largest exporter of oil in the world- all the Alaskan pipeline oil is exported overseas-want to know why we export oil and then turn around and import oil from the Mideast? In the days of Henry Kissinger, a deal was struck between OPEC and the US government- oil was two fifty a barrel in the days of the artificial shortage- and it cost OPEC five dollars to get it out of the ground-Kissinger negotiated the deal for the US- we would buy the OPEC oil and make them rich, but they had to take a certain percentage of the money they get from us and buy part of the national debt. We signed a contract with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait- This is why we export the Alaskan oil- to make room for the Saudi oil in the US market- That is why we will never eliminate the imported oil – There is so much oil in Alaska that the Prudhoe bay field alone can supply all the oil the US needs for the next two hundred years, even if all other sources of oil dried up- they get one hundred billion cubit feet of gas out of the field every twenty four hours- they then pump it back into the ground to keep the market from being awash in natural gas and driving the prices down.
    So no matter how much oil we have, we have to import it from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait- one other thing- Iraq and Iran did not sign the contract with us- could this be the reason for the war in Iraq and the threats we are making to Iran?

  2. P.S. Says:

    trees have nothing to do with drilling.
    There is no reason NOT to drill. No trees will be cut down.

    The only reason the liberals don’t want to drill is because they hate america, they hate middle class americans, they even hate poor americans. They want us to suffer, and they want to control us, and ultimately get rid of us.

  3. janice h Says:

    You know the way congress acts you would think the environmentalists were paying their salaries instead of the American taxpayer. Yes they need to lift that ban. They also need to allow drilling in ANWR as well as anywhere in the lower 48 where oil is such as South Dakota. They also need to let more nuclear power plants be built as well as new modern refineries. It is time for them to start remembering who is paying the bills around here and that it is not them.

  4. pop Says:

    It would be years before a single drop of oil is gotten from the off-shore drilling. It would even longer before the off-shore oil rigs are in full production. Even then it would have little impact on the price of gas. What’s the point of hurting the environment just to save a few bucks? We need to find alternatives to petroleum.

  5. † King of Kings † SFCU Says:

    Drill and Drill NOW>
    California is on fire and a lot of trees are burning.. we should be reasonable and the tree huggers are not..
    Drilling now will still take years to help the situation..
    ALL taxes should be taken off of gasoline, and big oil should be investigated for excessive profiteering.. We are in a financial war and they need to help.. American oil companies need to take care of their country..

  6. cbjack Says:

    Millions of Americans have been telling the obstructionist Democrats in the House and Senate that we demand an increase in domestic oil production. And an end to the kowtowing to the environmental wackos. I put it very plainly to my liberal Senators by telling them if they refuse to put the interests of America first, I would work hard to see they are removed in the next election. The democrats are clearly trying to destroy America to convince the people that being communist is the only answer. I refuse to accept that. Remove them all.

  7. JustWondering Says:

    Why isn’t P.S. thinking straight? Even McCain blocked drilling in Alaska.

    Congress should act quickly to push alternate energy sources with incentives, at least as big as they have given the oil companies.

    I know the oil companies can drill for oil without harming the environment or causing health hazards for humans and other living things. But as you know, the oil industry did not do this because of their generosity, they were forced to do it.

    Let them drill on public lands as long as the "We the people" receive a fair royalty, and the taxing authorities receive their due. As long as the oil companies are reporting record profits, I see no need in giving them "incentives" of billions in tax breaks. The Republicans are jumping head over heals trying to give them tax breaks, are they on the oil company’s dole? (A rhetorical question)

  8. blavis Says:

    Drilling now would insure a good future for our country and the lib’s don’t want that. I really can’t add any more than what is already stated by the other answers posted. Everyone seems to realize the problem except (pop).

  9. Del Dyar Says:

    I don’t get it…
    K Street lobbiests in Washington and energy intertsts give millions to politicians like Mitch McConnel. Entities like these have most of the politicians there in their back pocket. You have heard it said,”America has the best politicians money can buy”. Question: If the lobbiests give congess LOTS of money and if corporations can give unlimited amounts in campaign contrubitions to politicians how can the “tree-huggers” and liberals be making all this policy regarding oil drilling? In whose interest are those in congress voting and who has the power? I believe that by keeping the Ameican people afraid, confused and angry the American industrial,congressional, military complex has full sway of power.