Should we at least imprison the president of british petroleum for the oil spill?

I’m sick of dis company BP getting away with killing an entire ecosystem!
Will anyone from dat oil sucking giant at least be imprisoned for life far lettin dis happen?
Dis oil giant need to pay out 100% of their profits for reparing the gulf ecosystem.


10 Responses to “Should we at least imprison the president of british petroleum for the oil spill?”

  1. A Voice of Reason Says:

    I think we should deal with the mess first, then we can look at appropriate punishment.

  2. Terran Says:

    I think we should make them pay for the entire clean up. If they refuse to pay for it, then we prevent them from doing business in the US.

  3. Drew Blood Says:

    Could have sworn that the rig past federal inspection prior to oil spill.

  4. Michelle Says:

    The Birchers were right about communists and socialists infiltrating this country. Go back to Soviet Russia, Stalin.

  5. El Tecolote Says:

    There’s talk that an explosive charge was set which caused the explosion, and President Obama did send the DHS in BEFORE he sent the EPA in. That was eight days, mind you, after the incident. Based on those rumors, the amount of time elapsed and the dead silence as to why the DHS was sent in first, who should really be in prison here?

  6. D.R. Says:

    And the dispersant they are using, besides being toxic, is only making the oil spill HARDER to clean up.

    It is a PR stunt to try to make the oil spill not look as bad.

    And now they are refusing to use the less toxic dispersant that the EPA told them to use!

  7. Truther Says:

    Don’t forget the president of Haliburton too then.

  8. Sheesh Says:

    sure, and don’t forget to imprison Obama as well, since HE gave them an award for excellence just last year!

  9. Lady Gag Me Says:

    Yes. And while we’re at it, let’s imprison Obama for ten percent unemployment, an anemic stock market, badmouthing American companies, bowing to foreign leaders and for a rotten economy.

  10. Sugar Says:

    You mean his employees? oh, they took orders from him…. Maybe or maybe not.