Should we drill more for gas and oil in the U.S.A.?

It has been reported that we have enough oil and gas to last for a 100 years; using today’s technology.

7 Responses to “Should we drill more for gas and oil in the U.S.A.?”

  1. Veritas Says:

    Yes…………US is loaded…they say we have more than Saudi Arabia……..we could drill and pay off our national debt, plus create thousands of jobs.
    People should be partitioning their House and Senate

  2. J Says:

    At most The UNtapped USA oil is just enough to supply the USA for 6 months!!!!!!!!

    WHY bother????????????

    Go the google and type ‘better place’ and you Will find the answer to energy independence

  3. blue do Says:

    I think so! Why keep depending on these countries when we have the same thing right here in america? I haven’t learned much about drilling in the U.S, but I assume the reason why it isn’t done more is the land owners not wanting to drill on their land.

  4. Jacob M Says:

    J is right, America dont produce too much liquid gold…thats why we borrow it from the middle east…we might pay it back…or not…

  5. Forest House Says:

    No, we should stop thinking of ways to use a thing up until it runs out. who knows that, far in the future, we might find a real need for our fossil fuels, somehting we have not discoveed yet, and we should not waste it all by burning it up as mere fuel, when we could have made bio-fuels. Besides just not wasting our last hundred years’ worth of the stuff, its extraction and use can be destructive. God forbid we should ever have an oil well problem somewhere, like in the pristine waters of the Gulf, for instance. Now THAt would be a disaster. There are long-term health problems associated with such things. It enriches the men who own the petrol companies so they influence and lobby for their continued wealth, of course. They find "bad things" about gasohol and using corn for alcohol and re-using used cooking (vegetable) oil for adapted engines, because they are trying to maintain things as they are… but bio-fuels are renewable and do not use up our oil reserves.

  6. Doing the Math Says:

    Buddy. Clue in. The oil companies have checked out all the land with their seismic sensors. If there was oil in D.C., they would drill there. But they already have many years ago and got dry wells. All the oil pockets have been found. Many have been abandoned because they are empty now. It is gone. Same goes for the natural gas. Why do you think they were drilling 1 mile below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico. Because they want to? No. That costs way more than drilling on land – but the land is dry. The oil companies knew where all the oil pockets were in 1968 (globally).
    They know there is an end coming to the easy oil.
    This is why there is all the noise about making another energy source to run our vehicles. (We may just have to walk – fortunately the legs still work)
    With India and China now coming on line as developing nations, there will never be a surplus of oil again. They buy all the surplus oil. And the job of oil companies is to find it and sell it to the highest bidder world-wide.

    This other thing about "bio-fuels" and "gasohol". Right now they can make it from corn and potatoes. So that means half of the US agreculture is planted just for feeding your car. What do you think the cost of food will be for you to eat? Multiply it 100 times easy. $200 for a hamburger idea.
    So the gasohol idea is not going to work.
    The problem is the combustion engine. 16% efficient- the rest is waste heat due to friction. Basically the same engine since it was first designed in Europe. Steam engines worked basically the same way.

  7. tillan2k Says:

    you will have to call chinese technicians to operate the drilling operations