Should we now thank Obama for not allowing drilling for oil and escalating the gas prices?

AMES, Iowa – Police say a 16-year-old Iowa boy has died in a crash after another teen fueled up the car they were in and fled without paying.

Sixteen-year-old Brice Nelson of the central Iowa town of Nevada died at the scene early Saturday in Ames. Hospital officials say another passenger, a 14-year-old girl, is in critical condition.

The 18-year-old driver, Kaleb Hoversten of Ames, faces vehicular homicide, theft and driving with a suspended license charges. He’s jailed on ,000 bond. No attorney is listed for him.

Police say Hoversten pumped about in gas at a convenience store and drove off without paying. When an officer tried stopping the car, police say the teen sped off and collided with an SUV. The condition of the man driving that vehicle is not clear.
@ Eugenie- exxon mobie profit is 2% and their tax rate is 42% what does not add up here??

10 Responses to “Should we now thank Obama for not allowing drilling for oil and escalating the gas prices?”

  1. Mackenzie Says:

    He did allow it.

    Even after the big BP oil spill, within weeks he signed a new drilling deal (it was rather quiet, and of course the press looked the other way for him as always).

  2. Joe Harris Says:

    Obama is responsible. He has bloob on his hands.

  3. Eugénie Danglars Says:

    Blame the kid and the cops for burning all that fuel in a chase and driving up the prices. BTW, oil companies made around $100 billion in profit in the 1st quarter of 2011 selling us oil they took off of our PUBLIC PROPERTY.

  4. Chris L Says:

    when WWIII comes and we have ALL the oil we want in order to win and the other countries will run out, you’ll be thanking Obama for not allowing drilling. And the drivers your reports are young kids who probably don’t have a job to pay for gas. They probably spent their money shopping instead.

  5. Horror Says:

    People did that when it was 20 cents a gallon. No, the government not allowing us to drill for oil and testing gas prices needs to stop immediately, but you’re not giving any good points.

  6. Vote Out Obama Says:

    Yes. Obama promised to lower the gas prices. He lies about everything. We need to blame ourselves.for being so stupid to vote for Obama.

  7. LJ Says:

    I hope you’re not serious.

  8. Shiggles! Says:

    As if someone starred this $**✞

  9. GmK - Respawned Says:

    Pretty sure we can still nail him with the Japanese tsunami too.

  10. William Blowfty Says:

    You could try thanking China and India for the increasing demand for oil, thus driving up the prices. It has nothing to do with Obama