Should we open up the coast and Alaska’s wilderness to oil drilling or continue to pay high gas prices.?

9 Responses to “Should we open up the coast and Alaska’s wilderness to oil drilling or continue to pay high gas prices.?”

  1. Raina H Says:

    We should opening up everything and keep it right here in the US

  2. CBH Says:

    We should consider alternative energy sources because it would take at least three years for the oil we got from Alaska to be used thus not affecting our gas prices that much.

  3. Frank Says:

    We will continue to pay high gas prices even if we drill in Alaska.

    So your choice of options presented in your question aren’t really true.

    Drilling won’t mean cheap gas. It won’t mean energy independence, either.

    We need to get off of oil, asap. We shouldn’t be prolonging the inevitable. We need to get onto alternatives, not continue our dependence on a finite resource which will only make our country weaker.

  4. Everything you know is wrong Says:

    Drill, Drill, DRILL! Death to the polar bears!

    There sure are some sheep in this forum- Same old tired lieral lines. yes, it will decrease the price of gas. If we can increase oil by 2 million barrels a day, it will go down. a lot.

  5. piegowdealer Says:

    When US refineries are running at 85%, there are over 150,000,000 acres of ofshore land under lease but not being drilled on. the government is handing out leases faster than the oil companies can move rigs to them to drill.

    And you’re making itg sound like we have high gas prices only because we can’t drill where the moose go to mate.

    If we started drilling Anwar tomorrow, oil pumping would reach its peak in 2012. at that point in time that would decrease the price of oil less than 2 cents a gallon.

    What’s the point, what’s the hurry? lets burn up all of Saudi Arabia’s oil first, then drill our own.

  6. tdxn92a Says:

    Drill here, drill now, pay less

  7. ioerr Says:

    Drilling out all our remaining domestic reserves won’t bring down oil prices. There’s not enough there to greatly affect the world market, not with China and India coming on line.

    All it would do is make the oil companies much, much richer. Which, not surprisingly, is why they’re so in favor of it.

    We shouldn’t be in a hurry to drill out all our remaining reserves either. Not so that millions of commuters can go on
    buying gas guzzlers a few more years to commute from the suburbs to their office jobs in. This is frivolous consumption, luxury consumption. These people are not suffering. They are driving the cost of gas up for others who need it more.

    We may need what domestic oil we have left later on for more important purposes. Like defending the nation for example.

    We can put more downward pressure on prices with a national program of government enforced oil conservation.

    With lithium ion batteries and nuclear power, we have the basis for a commuter economy using electric cars, which would be suitable for the purposes of many, if not most people.

    The market is not going to to do this on its own for a very long time. It will soak the consumers for every penny it can get, for as long as it can. The government needs to step in.

  8. maryapley Says:

    Yes, I think we should, true it may not help right now, but down the road it would and if you don’t get started,, how can you get any thing done, not by putting it off year after year.

  9. Noah H Says:

    We should bite the bullet like men and move on as fast as possible to 21st century technology. We should have done that 25 years ago…we didn’t, so here we are. I didn’t want to be here then and I for sure don’t want to be here 25 years from now. An oil only energy policy is a dead end. We’re not going to drill our way out this. Don’t be a stooge for the Oil Mafia….these guys think that you’re just another sheep to be sheared. We can raise the CAFE standards, go to rationing and stop pretending that the past is the future. People that keep on about how all we have to do is keep drilling remind me of those South Pacific cargo cults…….look that up and you’ll see I’m dead on. No kiddin’!