…. Silly dog owner…..?

I was at an acquaintance’s apartment the other day. She lives on the 21st floor, and has a balcony. The kind with slats below the railing.

She had a poodle, a really noisy, annoying, spoilt and stupid thing.
So we were playing with the dog in the living room, and i rolled a tennis ball towards the balcony.

Dog went crazy, sped at it full speed, got it in its mouth but it’s momentum kept it sliding and through the slats.

Dog landed on someone’s car and of course caused a mess.

Legally, the owner’s responsible for the mess right?
I’m being very serious. If you don’t know, don’t spam. Thanks

5 Responses to “…. Silly dog owner…..?”

  1. Apu Says:

    Depends which country you are in;
    In India, it would not be anyones fault, its just fate.
    In Vietnam, passersby would clean up the mess in no time and the evidence would be removed.
    In China, you could sell the "mess" to a restaurant and recoup some of your legal fees that you are going to incur.

  2. Alee C Says:

    Please don’t waste our time with questions like this. If you are trying to be funny guess what your not.

  3. Cookie Says:

    Caused a mess? You mean the dog went "splat"? If that’s what you’re talking about, then it’s obviously a troll question. If not then no, the dog owner is not responsible. It was their dog, but you are the one that caused the accident, so you would be held liable for any damage. For instance, you’re driving someone else’ car. You get into an accident by YOUR fault, even if it is just an accident. Is the owner of the car responsible for your mistake, or are you responsible?

  4. Angel Barbie Says:

    Troll troll troll…
    your little made up story isn’t funny.

  5. puretoheart21 Says:

    Did the dog die?
    and werent you the one playing with it?
    and you just called the dog stupid