Since Gas Drillers Lost 80% in 4 Months, Will Pelosi & T Boone Figure Natural Gas is a Great Idea?

Do you remember the commercials where T Boone Pickens says we should use natural gas in cars and use wind to make electricity?

Chesapeake Energy bought all kinds of leases but will let them go unexplored because natural gas prices have fallen so much.

We can’t use natural gas if they don’t drill for it. Right?;range=2y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined

5 Responses to “Since Gas Drillers Lost 80% in 4 Months, Will Pelosi & T Boone Figure Natural Gas is a Great Idea?”

  1. Tony H Says:

    Pelosi is invested in Boones company.. Ironic since he is the funder of the Kerry swiftboat campaign..

    I think its moronic to use natural gas for Power or transportation.. Its use should be confined to heating and industrial… There are alternatives to gasoline and jet fuel that we can make right now and keep our existing infrastructure… The Los Alamos green freedom project does just that..
    You use oil for home heating, diesel, and industrial use and scrap the crop based biofuel.
    You require new homes to have 500 watts of solar panel for every 1000sq ft.. hooked into the grid so it spins your meter backward when its producing more power than it is using..
    You build clean coal and nuclear power plants.. supplemented by wind and the solar on the homes as previously mentioned..

    OK??? so lets get it done…

  2. R8derMike Says:

    T Boone has a great plan.

  3. farahwonderland2005 Says:

    Righto! We can’t use what we don’t have. Windmills, geothermal, solar….. we won’t have it until energy companies can figure out how to bill us. They’d put a meter on our noses and bill us for the polluted air we breathe, if they could. The way we’re going, we’d better get pedal generators soon.

  4. JimSock Says:

    He’s talking about diveting existing supplies to vehicle use. He doesn’t mention that it wouldn’t do much to lower imports.

    Vehicle consumption is a distant fourth or fifth for cost and use.

    Our biggest cost is in electrical losses in power transmission. Wind does nothing to solve that becasuse the transmission grid must be widened to get to the mills and causes more losses.
    Electricity over the expanded grid has disipative properties that are not accounted for either.
    It’s a joke.

  5. Tony L Says:

    The US does not have that quantity of natural gas to replace gas. The goal ideally is self dependency and for all forms of clean energy to compete against each other. Let me explain: US consumes 25% of the world energy, but has only 3% of the worlds reserves in gas. Natural gas reserves are less than regular gas.

    Also, the under ground pipeline are a virtual monopoly used to transport the gas is a virtual monopoly. If you use enough natural gas, those folks will keep upping the price.

    Natural gas will not go away and will always be an option. A few years ago the north has a natural gas shortage in the winter-despite the fact the winter was relatively minor. It will take a combination of all forms of clean energy.

    Another issue is infrastructure-the electrical grid is privately owned and if anyone tries to make the grid more efficient, the companies who own the grid cry bloody no. This is because if the grid allows additional energy to their regions, it will force lower prices. Their goal is to keep prices higher.

    California could in theory supply all the countries energy needs with solar power, but the infrastructure isn’t there with the grid and there is electrical loss traveling that far.

    Additionally, Oil companies are the largest and strongest in the world. Right now what is happening is the Government is trying to give oil companies more money so they can save money an plan for making nuclear power facilities. It was the intention of the Bush Administration to delay working an alternative plan and force a crisis, so selling a oil companies as the nuclear savior would be the great guys. Doing it that way would still enable a monopoly of another sort. It would be the same problem and no transfer of wealth. Oil company know their days are limited and this is there last chance with oil-they are doing everything they can to get into nuclear.

    If you use green energy, there will be a huge transfer of wealth away from oil to nobody’s spread all across the country. The oil companies are doing everything to stop that.

    The solution will include natural gas, and a complete different infrastructure and mass transit and all forms of green energy. Gas is coming down because gas companies know consumers are changing their habits in mass because they raise the price too high.