Since the oil spill, the TV ads for the American Petroleum Institute have vanished from the airwaves?

Guess trying to convince people how ‘safe’ it is would be a little difficult now.

5 Responses to “Since the oil spill, the TV ads for the American Petroleum Institute have vanished from the airwaves?”

  1. Peter Griffen Says:

    Really? I saw one on TV last night.

  2. lone wolf Says:

    they are going to need every dime they have for clean up and law suits

  3. Paul Hxyz Says:

    Anyone who thinks there is no risk to oil drilling or coal mining or nuclear power – even wind power – is not paying attention to details. Until we no longer use gas and oil for fuel we need to try to get the oil but making an effort to reduce the risk – and eventually eliminate it.

    Btw: wind turbines kill birds.

  4. Sir Studley Smugly Says:

    I didn’t notice that, but it would make sense. The last thing you want to do is throw your face (or logo) up on the tube when such ugly images are being shown. I just wonder how much of this is going to stick to Sarah Palin, when she’s been such a big promoter of drillin’.

    I heard that the problem is far worse than first thought. And the conservatives want to make it easier for oil companies to drill within miles of beaches. It is going to cost a WHACK of money to clean that mess up. BP said that they’re going to stand up and pay for it. You do realize that it’s going to be the American taxpayers that will be paying for it – as usual. When and if BP goes under because of this, they are going to do their best to offload their costs on the little guy.

    The shareholders are going to be protected – they make sure of that. The ones that aren’t protected are the regular working people that actually PAY taxes; (they can’t afford paying an accountant to find them all the tax dodges). The CEO of BP is probably in line to collect a big bonus, Go figure that one out.

  5. Mister Lee Says:

    I’ve noticed that too and it’s eerie. Those ads were running almost constantly and of course now it would look like someone advertising for a pill that killed people. So they pull of course. It’s so totally irresponsible, to try and convince people something is safe when it’s not. What should be done is a counter ad showing how they tried to pull the wool over our eyes and now are trying to get out of it and not pay and not take responsibility and distance themselves from it. A corporation can say well it was this place down the line and I’m not the one. BS! Gas and oil drilling was never safe. How dare they. I was mad when saw those ads in the first place.
    I say, we need to speak out. NOW. Thanks for your comment.