So if you drive a car powered by gas or oil, that means you have to support any and all methods of drilling?

I use metal too, does that mean I have to support a mine being drilled right through my house?
Patches………your a moron.

10 Responses to “So if you drive a car powered by gas or oil, that means you have to support any and all methods of drilling?”

  1. stonebuilder Says:

    If you are Truly going to have a legitimate complaint about the search and development of oil resources in the world, then yes you should stop driving any type of car. Because the manufacturing of automobiles uses many types of plastics that come from oil. And basically you will have to walk or ride a horse, no wagons or buggies because the wheels have to be lubricated with grease that comes from petroleum. You should not even think of riding on a bus because it also uses Diesel, Oil, and Grease to function properly. So if you want to get around with out the use of Petroleum Products you are left with only 2 choices, walk on your own 2 feet, or ride a horse. Oh and I almost forgot, don’t use the elevator because it also uses oil products to lubricate the wheels that run up and down the shaft, use the stairs instead. If you are going to use the products that are involved in the search and development of petroleum, if you are not a hypocrite, then you should be for the development of our own oil resources here in America, instead of sending Billions of Dollars over seas to the countries that hate us. And Russia, China, Vietnam, and many other countries are drilling for oil in the Gulf, if they have an oil spill, do you really think that they are really going to be all that concerned about the impact that it will have on America?

  2. scott b Says:

    No. It doesn’t.

  3. American Noodle Says:

    I am a conservative

    the reason I supported the drilling in the gulf was because

    Sarah said " Drill baby Drill "

    I thought she wanted to get drill

  4. Bertrand Blocks Arrogant Jerks Says:

    No. We’re just victims of circumstance. We will never ever be completely off oil because oil is used to make plastics and that sort.

  5. ruth Says:

    No, you can be a typical NIMBY lib. You can be okay with the crazy ME holding us over a barrel.

    Btw: If prior S. Ct. holdings are any indication, libs would be first to drill through your house.

  6. Patches O'Houlihan Says:

    I support prosperity. Hey, here’s an idea. Since oil is evil, let’s all park our cars. All of you leftist whiners go first. Deal?

    Oh wait, I keep forgetting about the leftist hypocrisy that comes with leftist piety.

    EDIT: I love it when leftist idiots slay themselves, to wit: "Patches, your a moron". Sport, head back to fourth grade and have your teacher Mrs. Crabapple explain the intricate use of conjunctions and apostrophes.

  7. Football Ref Says:

    Don’t you libs say that the oil is bad for the environment, so shouldn’t we take all the oil out of the ground and use it. The green people say it is bad for the earth to have all that nasty oil seeping around inside her. We should help mother earth and get it ALL OUT OF HER!

  8. too many libs not enuff bullets Says:

    no, only if you are a true American that thinks we should be self-sufficent instead of importing…of course, that leaves out all the Libs

  9. Destructive Politics The Book Says:

    Yes but sadly liberals can not comprehend that every aspect of their lives is affected by Oil, not just gas powered cars.

    Everything from Food, clothing, electronics, plastics and just about everything else depends on Oil.

    Without Oil, we may as well all become Amish

  10. Duke Powerhand Says:

    No, what choices do you have? Big oil has a monopoly on our energy needs. It makes sense to oppose things that are dangerous. I’m as right wing as anyone else,but nobody can deny that this is a disaster.

    PS using oil doesn’t mean you have to support anything and everything that the industry does.