socialists killed zimbabwe?

The US democratic party supported radical change in zimbabwe, and 7 years ago they got it. the new socialist govt of zimbabwe uprooted white land owners and redistributed the land back to zimbabweans. before this, zimbabwe had an good economy in african standards, it used to export food. now people are unemployed, it exports nothing, and people are starving. this isn’t just about ideology, its about race as well. they wanted to get rid of whites who were helping keep things stable because they were seen as "imperialists."
this is what happens when government get involved, and when you think economic breakdown and starving people is worth giving black back the land. now they have over 7000% inflation. wikipedia even uses the term "Marxist" to describe mugabe.
what would happen if the US democratic party were to try to take away things from whites in order to try and make something right? is it worth the breakdown the US economy, and therefore the economies of the rest of the world?
brigs, when whites "took over in the first place" there was no economy, they created one of the best in africa. zimbabwe was exporting food, instead of having starving masses. learn to read.
youths, 7000% inflation is better than the US economy? i knew it! i knew liberals would try to say that the US is worse than a 3rd world country!

6 Responses to “socialists killed zimbabwe?”

  1. Joe U Says:

    Welcome to the anti-socialist side of politics. You have ‘seen the light’, now spread the word.

    Socialism is NOT A VIABLE SYSTEM.

  2. anon Says:

    What would happen? They’ve been doing it since the 60’s.

  3. The YOUTH AWAKES Says:

    Thats better than what the Rethuglicans did to US. Rethugs killed the US economy. Look at the falling $ for eg.

    bbbbbbrigs04, your fantastic man ! :-)

  4. fishshogun Says:

    what happens if? well its happening with the republicans so…it’s time to find out

  5. bushonlysubmale Says:

    Mugabe has been in power for far longer than seven years and he is a dictator.

  6. Schaufel Says:

    "…what would happen if the US democratic party were to try to take away things from whites in order to try and make something right?…" You say that like it doesn’t happen already…

    Not to say that in the USA redistribution of weath is racially motivated, but the government every day takes money away from people, to give it to other people… and the economy does suffer greatly because of it…