Some legal questions about an apartment damage and rent insurance?

So last year our apartment was damaged due to an unstable sprinkler system upstairs. Since we didn’t have a renter’s insurance, we were forced to reside at our friend’s house for over 4 months. When we returned, our land owner said he couldn’t sue the owner upstairs because his insurance company is already suing him. He also said we couldn’t expect any more than 00 in return since we didn’t have a renter’s insurance.
I am only 17 and I do not have a good knowledge on legal issues such as these. But I really think our owner had to receive some kind of money from the insurance. Our family is really broke right now and we need the money to pay the rent. Any advices on this?

3 Responses to “Some legal questions about an apartment damage and rent insurance?”

  1. Landlord Says:

    The owner only gets money for structural damages, he would not get anything for your things.

    Since you opted not to have insurance there will be no money coming. That was the choice you made.

  2. Herrmann Says:

    "our owner had to receive some kind of money from the insurance"

    Regardless of whether he did or not, it was for HIS damages, not yours. If you fail to carry insurance, you must then attempt to get recompense from the responsible party. Since your landlord’s equipment was not the fault, you cannot sue him. you must take the upstairs owner to court to try to collect. If your losses are greater than $2,000, you cannot sue in small claims court. At least, not unless you are willing to limit your suit to the $2,000 limit. If you what the entire amount, you will need to hire a lawyer (his fees are also considered damages) and take the owner to court.

    Renter’s insurance is not expensive and those that choose to forgo it have to face the consequences.

  3. the kid Says:

    Even if he gets money, that doesn’t entitle you to any of it. You want money, you sue the guy upstairs who caused the damage.