Some legal questions about an apartment damage and rent insurance?

So last year our apartment was damaged due to an unstable sprinkler system upstairs. Since we didn’t have a renter’s insurance, we were forced to reside at our friend’s house for over 4 months. When we returned, our land owner said he couldn’t sue the owner upstairs because his insurance company is already suing him. He also said we couldn’t expect any more than 00 in return since we didn’t have a renter’s insurance.
I am only 17 and I do not have a good knowledge on legal issues such as these. But I really think our owner had to receive some kind of money from the insurance. Our family is really broke right now and we need the money to pay the rent. Any advices on this?

5 Responses to “Some legal questions about an apartment damage and rent insurance?”

  1. mbrcatz Says:

    It doesn’t matter to you, at all, if the landlord sues the guy upstairs or not. Totally irrelevant. But he’s right, when he files a claim with his insurer, he automatically transfers his right to sue someone else, to the insurance company.

    Since you have no insurance, you shouldn’t even expect $1,000. You should expect nothing, since you didn’t buy any insurance.

    If you don’t BUY insurance, you don’t get MONEY from insurance. The deal with the landlord, is completely separate, from YOUR deal. If YOUR family wants to sue the people upstairs, they can.

  2. someone Says:

    The building owner will receive just enough to cover some of the repairs but not all. The people upstairs are being sued by the owner’s ins. company but the odds are they are also broke. You receive ZERO

  3. acermill Says:

    Since you did not have renter’s insurance, you are entitled to NOTHING in this scenario. If you get $1000 from the landlord, consider yourself fortunate. If you want to be compensated, your parents need to sue the upstairs owner to recover damages.

  4. StephenWeinstein Says:

    It does not matter whether he got money or not. If he got money, it was for the damage to the building and was only for the damage to what he owns. It was not for you, and you do not get any of it.

  5. car253 Says:

    I got lost with who owns what. Is this a condo? The guy upstairs is an owner of the building? Or owner of the condo unit? Who is suing who for what?

    Sounds confusing. Please clarify.