Spraying chemicals by Helicopter to kill trees. Is it safe?

The owner of the land that surrounds me is harvesting pines right now and is saying that the next step in the process is to apply chemicals that will kill the rest of the trees. Does anyone know about the Chemicals they use to do that? Does it contaminate the water. And there are lakes around here too. The owner was told by the forestry service that these chemicals are harmless to people and animals etc.

Then I guess they burn to get ready to plant the next crop of pine trees.

This harvesting is going to happen, I am not concerned about that, but I do have some concerns about the chemicals they use. I live in the Southeast US.

4 Responses to “Spraying chemicals by Helicopter to kill trees. Is it safe?”

  1. donfletcheryh Says:

    If application rates are as mandated, there should be minimal risk to you and the environment.

    If the application is done too light, they will have to come back and respray.

    Heavier application or application when wind is blowing, even from a chopper, can send the spray over adjacent properties killing most any vegetation, kill aquatic vegetation, starve out animal life dependent on the vegetation of the forest.

    To your property the risk of spray drift with a chopper is very high if they come within 50 metres. Damage to aquatic plants is likely only if spray is applied directly over streams or within a day of a rain.

    Each chemical licensed for use has a long usage document which if meticulously followed could make it moderately safe. But when people have to make a day’s pay they may not wait for optimum conditions… no wind, no rain expected for a week, and no open stream close by.

    Use of a chopper significantly increases risk of drift onto unintended targets when compared to winged craft.

  2. staceyhamrick2000 Says:

    seems to me that anything that can kill a tree would not be good for you, the water, or the animals you should find out the name of the chemical and look it up online

  3. b.winslow Says:

    Most likely no. Even with "proven research" it can be at least slightly harmful for human health. For one, your destroying a source of air, that’s damage enough!!!

  4. Granny G Says:

    They are probably using herbicides which are known to be hormone disruptors in humans. They should never spray if it causes drift to nearby areas. I have known a logger that worked exclusively for a paper company cutting down pine trees and he became seriously ill from the pesticides and herbicides that were sprayed on the trees. Some people are more prone to be affected by these chemicals than others. I recommend staying away from all pesticides and herbicides. Get the names of those chemicals and do your research. Good luck.