Suffrage, Presidency, Women finish last again?

American women’s right to vote came after blacks, whose right to vote came after white non-land-owners.

Will women be last, again, for American presidency?

17 Responses to “Suffrage, Presidency, Women finish last again?”

  1. RoVale Says:

    Like her or not, Hillary Clinton is the only real chance in the forseeable future to get a female president elected. There are no other strong female politicians on the horizon. If she isn’t elected, it could be years, even decades before another strong woman comes along and has a real chance of being elected.

  2. Hyde Says:

    Um. No.

  3. HellBunny Says:

    Do you want Hillary to be representing America’s women?….There are so many better women out there at her for the job.

    Just because she probably will not win, doesn’t mean another (hopefully more awesome) woman will go for president.

  4. mindy b Says:


  5. kate lomax Says:

    Rather a disingenuous question is this, is it not?

  6. Baba Yaga Says:

    Hillary’s too polarizing and a major poster child for the anti-feminists, and besides, a whole lot of non-anti-feminists don’t like her. At this moment New Hampshire is too close to call and the precincts in the college towns haven’t reported yet.

    Women aren’t coming in last for the presidency. When Dubya leaves, we all win.

  7. bobbilee Says:

    It ain’t over till it’s over!! How do you feel about your Mom, Sister,girlfriend?,aunts & female cousins?

  8. The Mrs. Says:

    As long as the only woman running is Hillary, hopefully.

  9. Gabriel Says:

    Gender has nothing to do with it. The issues however do.

  10. bluestareyed Says:

    considering hilary is currently leading obama in the primaries? who knows.

    personally, im not a fan of hilary. i dont care that shes a woman, i dont like her politics.

  11. Rio Madeira Says:

    Maybe. So what? We can hold out that long.

  12. whatever Says:

    bwhaaa hmm sorry nearly choked. What did you say again…oh women coming last..

    Cry me a river. Sorry thats all that comes to mind. Oh and get off your proverbial and get elected as president. There is nothing, NOTHING stopping a woman becoming president except bad presidential hopefuls.

  13. unavailable. Says:

    well, since she just beat out Obama, i think Hilary is here to stay.

  14. players2069 Says:

    that’s hard to say…there are a lot of closet racists in America. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    Personally, I don’t like Clinton or Obama. I hope Edwards takes the democratic nomination.

  15. The Planet Says:

    I don’t think it really matters if we get a woman president first or a black president first. Both Hillary and Obama have already proven that women and blacks can be serious contenders for the job. If one of them doesn’t make it to the White House this time around, I have no doubt we’ll get more and more women and blacks of high quality running in future elections until that glass ceiling breaks for each group.

  16. worldtraveler Says:

    As long as you think the Presidential race is about sex, then yes.

    You need to quit looking at Hillary as a female and think of her as a person running for office.

  17. snorzle Says:

    Thing’s are a little close to call.