Suzana Beatriz Ferigutti?

Does anyone know this person? If they have recieved an email about claiming million dollars from a Mr. Landman Anne, please kindly have them contact me or look check The name is Susana Beatriz Ferigutti. Thanks.
The link was cut short, but they should be able to find the information they need from there.
Just to clarify:
I’m well aware of advance fee frauds, so please do not address the question as though I’m asking about this for my own health 😛 The question is simply an attempt to inform a potential victim. Thanks!

One Response to “Suzana Beatriz Ferigutti?”

  1. Big Dave Says:

    There are literally hundreds of advance fee frauds out there, I am guessing that you just got your first one via email.

    Best thing to do is ignore it as these mostly come from Nigeria and the government there refuse to take action against internet scammers