Texas Easment?

I recently bought a 1/2 acre plot and it looks as if the neighbor has been using it to access his back yard on an adjacent plot where he parks some construction trucks. Previous owner lives in another state and was never aware anyone was driving on the plot. There are no previous agreements verbal or written that the land could be used for access. The land is completely undeveloped. There is no constructed driveway, only grass and dirt. This is not the only access the neighbor has to his land. These properties are in a neighborhood and his plot connects to an adjacent city street.

Does he legally have use of rights? What right do I have to enforce them to discontinue the use if needed?

I am just preparing myself for any possible confrontation.


2 Responses to “Texas Easment?”

  1. S T Says:

    All you have to do is paint every other post on your fence purple, this designates a no trespassing warning in the State of Texas, also get some signs that state "no trespassing". He has no right to use your land as a driveway or access to his backyard to park his trucks. Best thing to do is go talk with the guy and ask him not to drive his trucks on your land. If he does not want to listen then you can always call the police after you have posted the signs and file a report. If he continues to do it you can still file a civil law suit and sue him for the damages to your land. Be sure to take pictures and keep detailed notes if you are willing to take it that far.

  2. Wedge T Says:

    What does your survey say? What is in the deed?

    If it isn’t spelled out then he doesn’t have the right to drive across your property. Ask him politely not to and if that doesn’t work put up a gate/fence and sue him for any damages he does to your property driving the vehicles across your plot.

    My guess is that he has been doing it because it is convienent and no one has asked him to stop. Talking to him should straighten it out.