Texas Squatter?

I recently purchased a small piece/plot of land in a fairly developed neighborhood that has no restrictions. The neighbor has work trucks in their back yard and uses the land I purchased as a driveway to get to his back yard. Should I be worried that they have legal rights to use the land since they were using it before I purchased it? There are no previous agreements with the previous owner giving them any permission to use the land.

2 Responses to “Texas Squatter?”

  1. Homesella Says:

    You should check with a Real Estate Attorney and describe the events leading up to your purchase, and what you know of how long this has occurred. While I am not entirely sure of Texas law in this situation, it seems that you have purchased a property with an easement of use attached to it, even if the previous owner never acknowledged it. An easement like this does not have to be recorded to be enforced. Seriously, talk to a Real Estate attorney concerning your options.

  2. sylviavnpttn Says:

    so, first off they are not squatters- what you have here is called easement by prescription. This is the right ot use property, acquired by a long tradition of open and obvious use. For an example, if the neighbor has used the driveway continually for ten years and you’ve never complained, they probably have an easement by prescription. Perhaps you need to find out how long the piece of land has been used as a driveway-for it to become binding it is generally between 5-30 years depending upon local laws (based upon statute of limitations on trespass. If you act to defend your property at any time during the required time period the hostile use Will end,, claims on adverse possession rights are voided, and the continuous use time period resets to zero. Hope this hepls.