the GOP had us paying $5 a gallon for gas so they could drill oil in the gulf and Alaska, and in doing so they?

caused this recession were in and all the unemployment and almost crashed the stock market. Why aren’t Bush and McCain and all their cronies in jail with Berny Madholf right now?

17 Responses to “the GOP had us paying $5 a gallon for gas so they could drill oil in the gulf and Alaska, and in doing so they?”

  1. Beulah Says:

    The days of double digit inflation, and gas rationing were under Carter’s Administration, and Yes, Carter should be doing time.

  2. Me Says:

    Your question makes zero sense.

    What are you smoking?

    I don’t even know where to start on this ridiculous rant of yours.

  3. Terran Says:

    $5 a gallon for gasoline was normal, it’s called inflation, you should Google it.

    Edit: However, if you want the price to go down, drop taxes on gasoline.

  4. gentle giant 2 Says:

    You have a vivid imagination. Too bad it is not based in reality.

  5. Drew Blood Says:

    Funny…………..people like you like blaming Bush for $4.12 a gallon gas in July of 2008, but none of you want to give him any credit when gas fell all the way down to a mere $1.61 the following December! GO FIGURE!

  6. Breaking Stereotypes Says:

    You don’t know much do you? Oh and I remember Al Gore saying he hoped gas prices would go up to $8 a gallon. Thank GOD he didn’t get elected.

  7. indy Says:

    us does not include you….you are not a US citizen…mind your own business

  8. Lost Templar Says:

    obviously you failed economics 101

  9. Racer X Says:

    See, I can’t stand Republicans when they go “wing-nut” which is much of the time, but here we have an example of a left nut. And speaking of nuts, when it comes to oil, it’s the Arabs that have a firm grip on ours and drive up oil prices.

  10. Vote Repubs Nov 2010! Says:

    Sorry, it was Obama and leftist gangs, Acorn org, SEIU,SOros, Fannie and Freddie mac, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters who destroyed the economy so they could Socialize it easier. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Ayers and Dorhn were in on the 9-11 attack, Ayers may be Al Qaedas leader for all we know, he loves bombing stuff and destruction of America. Ayers has dozens of Palestinian radical friends in Chicago and is part of the HHI, Free Gaza org who are linked to Al Qaeda! Bill Ayers and his radical wifey need to be investigated asap! I think all these radical leftist commie/ or marxist orgs have joined up together to destroy America and they are destroying the world along with it! Acorn- marxists! SEIU- greedy CAIR-linked to terrorists. La Raza- wants revolution and land. Leftists supporting Hamas org- a TERRORIST ORG. Van Jones orgs- call for Revolution and are commies! Obama was to hire Van JOnes and Van does work for Apollo org- a Destruction of America org… Its all LINKED TOGETHER TO DESTROY OUR FREEDOM, DESTROY CAPITALISM- which radical Islam chants – death to Capitalism alot! These groups are INSANE!

  11. Bob G...The return of Says:

    It would be a lot better if there were any facts behind your latest rant. Since there isn’t, there is no answer other than to consider this another of your uninformed posts.

  12. Baroccoli Says:

    Please tell me you are trolling.

  13. JimSock Says:

    Huh? $5.00 gas? Where?

    The last time fuel prices caused shortages, inflation and a recession, Jimmy Carter was the president. Last time I checked, he was a Democrat.

    This recession was caused by sub-prime mortgages caused be Fannie, Freddie, Cynthia Mckinney, Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Congress.

  14. Ms. Minerva Says:

    Well, that is a good question and one that certainly deserves a good answer….but the only answer I can give you is that it is a part of Republican logic. Don”t waste any more time trying to figure it out….it is like trying to add together two negative numbers and come up with a positive number…no logic to it.

    Another example of Republican logic is that you can sprinkle magic dust on trickle-down economics and use it as a solution to the worldwide economic recession that you caused by using trickle-down economic to take a budget surplus created by Democrats….and in 8 years, wipe out the surplus and create an enormous deficit and bring the world to global economic disaster.

  15. Stereotypemebecauseyouknow Says:

    The GOP "had us paying $5 a gallon’???? When did the Republican party set the price of oil?

    Have you even bothered to investigate the actions of Democrats who have been pressing banks to increase loans? Did you see Barney Frank at the Fannie Mae hearings balking at Republican reforms? That was back in 2003. They are simply lying to you about which party pushed for reform, and you believe it because you either never bothered to watch the hearings, or you have already made up your mind.

    Republicans pushed banks to reign in lending, and the democrats played the race card. Just like so many Liberals on yahoo. It’s pathetic. I’ll post the actual hearing. You’ll see. Bet you will ignore it, though, because all Republicans are nasty, greedy racists.


  16. phil Says:

    wrong,it is liberals restricting oil exploration that has driven up prices,you are right that lack of domestic oil is hurting our economy,you just blamed wrong party

  17. mamado Says:

    Put the blame where it belongs – Democratic Administrations giving EPA unlimited power…research it, you obviously know nothing.