The Gulf Oil Spill is not Obama's responsibility to fix, why don't those in the gulf coast realize this?

I’ve noticed alot of people complaining about Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill in the gulf region and I say this – the people in the states affected most by the oil spill, you can’t have it both ways, if you want less government and less Obama, you can not complain if a government ran by Obama does nothing for you. My points are these, every state directly affected by the spill Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, only one voted for Obama in the last election. All the states listed are pro-Oil and Gas Offshore Drilling and anti-Environment and are pro-States Rights and anti-Big Federal government. With those statements in effect, they didn’t vote for him, they don’t support him, and are constantly against him politically, those states have simply lost their right to complain about Obama’s handling of the off-shore accident. They can’t be pro-big oil and gas companies and then complain about how the environment is affected. They can’t be anti-federal government and expect the federal government to wipe their behinds on this issue. They can’t be against Obama and expect him to help. My point is for all these reasons, do you think that the people most affected by the BP oil spill should have no right to complain about how Obama is handling the issue because they can’t hate what he’s doing for America and at the same time want his help in cleaning up the mess caused by the very things they support.

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  1. Michael N Says:

    Don’t expect conservatives or Blue Dogs or Tea Partiers to be consistent. They’re against the government spending money unless they’re on the recieving end. And remember: capitalism when it comes to profits, but socialism when it comes to losses.

  2. kathy_is_a_nurse Says:


    This spill occurred in international waters which makes it the federal government’s responsibility.

    Read the Stafford Act, my friend.

  3. Linda Says:

    is that because Bush was not responsible for Katrina?

  4. Jasper Says:

    I agree. This whole event could have been prevented. It was BP’s design and technology so somewhere down the line BP made a huge mistake and in future times i hope the public will stop blaming oboma. Just because it was A BP Product. Like i said this could have been prevented and will effect the economy greatly expecially for the citizens of the southern states> My aunt lives in Baton Rogue. Its bad.

  5. candymom419 Says:

    I dont know what your talking about. i live in Baton Rouge and my family is in Grand Isle now, where the President just left. No one is blaming him down here. Its all BP’s fault. All we ask for this President is not to waste time with all the red tape to approve the crap we need. Its all this stupid approval shit and BP not knowing what to do that his hurting us. But we arent waiting around for any of them to approve anything. Right now, our state is forking out the money if they take too long to approve things. We hate BP down here. and we are hoping the President will come down here and light a fire under their asses!

  6. Fight Tyranny Says:

    So Obama should only help those who voted for him, eh? Some president. I guess you’ve explained how he’s dividing the country so successfully. At least we got you to admit that fact.

    With Katrina all we heard was how Bush didn’t get there fast enough. With Obama we don’t hear him say a word for 9 days. Even Bush responded before that. Does that mean Obama hates whites as well as blacks and hispanics?

    Since Obama’s regime gave a gold star to the oil rig, I say he’s directly involved in the mess. The oil business is one of the most heavily over regulated industries in the country and when the regulations don’t work he blames BP. How ironic.

    And lefties now say that if you don’t want an over-reaching government than you can’t expect the government to help in disasters. Well then, can we get Obama to now shrink government since he doesn’t think New Orleans deserves any help? Your series of questions must rank up there amongst the most idiotic ever to appear on Yahoo.

    It’s the environmental nuts who forced the rigs out to deep water, so I blame them as well as Obama’s regime. Oil is seeping freely from the ground, but they won’t let them extract it unless they go out to impossible depths out in the gulf.

    And now the left wing kooks are going to insist that the US can no longer drill or even search for oil but they’re fine with every other country drilling all they want in the gulf.

    And Obama is stopping the governor from doing what’s needed to help his state. What a tool!

  7. Kerry Says:

    The entire issue is extremely unforunate for the ocean and with the global market in a number of different methods. This issue could have been prevented but sometimes accidents occur. The company should be held accountable for this unfortunate spill.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Thanks so much for posting a lot of this awesome info! Looking forward to reading more blogs.

  9. Ernie Gilmartin Says:

    BP needed to consider the future effects of this tragedy.